Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade Denounced For Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner Jokes, Gay Attacks, And Mexican Racism

The New Year’s day Mummers parade was denounced by Philadelphia’s mayor, Jim Kenney, and organizers of the 116-year-old annual event. Some of the marchers based their entire acts around Caitlyn Jenner jokes, while others allegedly harassed and and mocked gay and transgender people. Racist jokes were also made about Mexicans using brownface, although the Mummers parade was not exactly politically correct to begin with since their groups included names like the “Wench Brigade Division.”

In a related report by The Inquisitr, rumors are flying around that Caitlyn is desiring to become Bruce Jenner again.

In general, the Mummers parade is almost like New Orleans’ Mardis Gras parades, since they include very colorful outfits, elaborate floats, and comic brigades. Some of the latter brigades apparently upset some of the viewers, since they took their jokes to an insensitive level.

Some of the signs held by marchers mocked the Black Lives Matter movement, which was actually protesting not too far down the street. The signs listed such messages as “pirates lives matter” and “wenches lives matter.”

What has everyone very upset is the comical brigades focused entirely on making gay jokes at Jenner’s expense. One Mummers parade member was holding a sign showing Bruce Jenner on a Wheaties cereal box from 1976, but the other side featured Caitlyn Jenner on a 2016 box of Fruit Loops. One member of Finnegan New Year Brigade (NYB) was spotted dressing up as Jenner, and some of the displays featured more recent photos of Jenner. Another sign said “witch way is Jenner.”

Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney called the Jenner act an “insult,” but Mike Inemer of the Finnegan New Year Brigade reportedly “refused to apologize” for the Jenner skit, “defending it as the type of parody that has enjoyed a long history within the Mummers Parade. Typical of people out there.”

While these gay jokes were offensive to some, some of the parade marchers were allegedly directly attacking gay people with their speech. According to the Bonham Journal, a member of Finnegan NYB was recorded on video walking down the street while yelling, “F**k the gays!”

In response to having the Philadelphia Mummers parade denounced for the alleged hate speech, the Finnegan NYB has responded to the criticism by saying they have already punished the man responsible.

“We understand and take full responsibility since we are Finnegan, but this deeply is sickening someone could say that,” they said.

In a prepared statement, Finnegan NYB said the man was “banned from Finnegan NYB and from the Goodtimers,” and will “not be allowed to march with any other club. As of this time, he is no longer consider a Mummer.” Inemer signed the document on behalf of Finnegan NYB, claiming that they will be “reaching out to the LGBT community and offering its services to help with an LGBT fundraiser or equality awareness, and to learn more about LGBT concerns.”

“We, the Presidents of the 5 traditional Mummers Divisions, categorically reject expressions of hate and bigotry. That negative behavior and expression has no place in a parade that celebrates family, working people and the hopes for the New Year, and in a parade that has come to represent the City of Philadelphia. We hope that people realize that the vast majority of thousands of Mummers put forth entertaining and family-oriented productions. The few who violated the spirit of the community do not represent the majority. However, even a handful are too many.”

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