Microsoft Surface Pro 4, The iPad Pro And MacBook Air Killer, Arrives In India On January 7

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has been called either the best or one of the best technology products of 2015 by many sources. The Gospel Herald is one of the websites that lists Microsoft's latest tablet/laptop hybrid as one of 2015's best.

"It looks like Microsoft has finally managed to make an iPad killer with this year's version of the Surface. The 2-in-1 tablet/PC was in huge demand over the holiday season, and it wasn't difficult to see why."
"Microsoft's latest tablet is considered one of the best tablets of 2015...What makes the Microsoft 2-in-1 tablet great is that, of course, it can be coupled with the keyboard-folio and – voila! You have a laptop-type experience at your hands. This aspect makes it a great hybrid which is suitable for both desk and on-the-go," claims Tech Times.

The Sunday Express has given the Surface Pro 4 a five-star rating.

"Microsoft has always claimed its Surface Pro tablets were good enough to replace your laptop.The Surface Pro 3 proved that to be true, but the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the first tablet you'll actually want to replace your laptop."
Microsoft Surface Pro 4
The Surface Pro 4 has taken a bite out of Apple's market for the MacBook Air and iPad Pro. [Photo via Daryl Deino]The review goes on to praise the beautiful display and the fast Intel Skylake processor. However, the article stresses that no matter how much the Type Cover has improved, the Surface Pro 4 still isn't comfortable to use on your lap. Others have found a simple solution: Set the Surface Pro 4 on a thin piece of cardboard or on top of a tablet case before putting the bundle on your lap.

It appears that consumers in India will be able to purchase the Surface Pro 4 very soon. The Times of India has the news.

"Microsoft's newest tablet Surface Pro 4 is all set for its India debut. The company has sent invites for an event on January 7 where it is expected to launch the tablet."
Microsoft has sent out cards to media outlets that read, "Start fresh on a brand new Surface." This would be Microsoft's very first Surface tablet to launch in India. There is no word yet on whether or not the Pro 4's big brother, the Surface Book, will launch in India as well.

Microsoft's Surface Book, a first generation device, has produced more problems than the Surface Pro 4. Some of those problems include detaching the "clipboard" screen from the keyboard, screen flickering (which has been fixed with the latest update), and trackpad problems.

Surface Book
The Surface Book has caused more problems for users than the Surface Pro 4. [Photo via Daryl Deino]For those who like to use their devices disabling the "Tap" function on the trackpad, the Surface Book has become difficult to use. Clicking on the touchpad will work about 90 percent of the time -- that's a low percentage for people who pay $2,000 or more for a device. The touchpad on the Surface Book works more consistently if you click it towards the middle. It's not quite clear if this a hardware of software issue, but it will hopefully be specifically acknowledged by Microsoft in the near future.

According to ExtremeTech, Microsoft has acknowledged general problems with both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. They have suggested that for one of the issues (the "Sleep" mode doesn't work properly and drains the battery), users should put their devices on "Standby" instead. Microsoft assures they are working on fixes for all of the bugs, but hasn't given consumers a timetable yet on when the problems will be fixed. It's quite obvious, however, that Surface Book users are more affected by the bugs than the Surface Pro 4.

[Photo via Daryl Deino]