WWE Rumors: Dudley Boyz To Win Tag Team Titles And Bring A Big Surprise Back Too

When the Dudley Boyz returned to WWE at the end of the summer, they immediately jumped into a feud with The New Day. After a few bouts of “Get The Tables/Save The Tables,” the Dudleys did not win the titles. Now, it seems they may be going after them again and if they do grab them from the clutches of the unicorns, they’re bringing back the old school title belts.

The New Day have dominated the tag team scene for the majority of the year, and held the titles to boot. When they went up against the Dudleys in late summer, they were able to escape that feud with the belts still around their waists.

Now, the Dudleys came back to WWE for a big reason and that’s to win the titles once again, but they have more in store.

WrestleZone reported that WWE recently ran a poll asking fans which title belts need a redesign, and it’s gotten some different results. Most times, superstars don’t have much to say about things like this, but Bubba Ray Dudley did.

The last time the Dudley Boyz held the WWE Tag Team Titles, that was how the belts looked and that look had a lot of history and prestige. The belts have since gotten back into prominence over the last year, but many are not thrilled with the design the tag titles currently available.

Some have even compared the belt medals to copper pennies and don’t understand why they don’t actually look like “gold.”

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The Dudley Boyz have the record for the most reigns as World Tag Team Champions with eight of them. Their last reign with those belts was back in late 2003. They have held WWE Tag Team Championship one time, with the last time being in mid-2004.

Since this is likely the last big WWE run for the Dudley Boyz, there is a very good chance they could end up with another title run before too long.

Lately, it seemed as if the Lucha Dragons were working their way back into the title chase, but Sin Cara’s recent injury appears to have put that on hold. Add on the rumors that WWE has no plans to push Kalisto, and who knows when that title change could actually happen?

It appears the WWE may be leaning toward another feud between the Dudley Boyz and The New Day.

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Monday Night Raw will be very telling this week, and it could show what direction WWE is heading with the tag titles.

This week’s “Five-Point Preview” presented by WWE.com talks about there being “no respect for The New Day.” On SmackDown last week, the Dudleys joined forces with Kalisto for a six-man tag match against The New Day, and the babyfaces picked up the victory.

After the match was over, the Dudley Boyz took Xavier Woods and delivered an exclamation point by putting him through a “Happy New Year” table.

Could the Dudley Boyz really be heading back into the WWE Tag Team Title chase? It sure is being hinted as such, and with the Royal Rumble right around the corner, it wouldn’t be surprising to see another feud start between the two teams.

The Dudley Boyz want the WWE Tag Team Titles, but they are going to have to go through The New Day to get them. That likely won’t be a problem for them, but they do have quite the journey before them if they’re planning on displaying those old tag title belts again.

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