WWE News: WWE NXT Diva Dana Brooke Has Nude Pictures Surface, How Does This Affect Her WWE Career?

WWE NXT Diva Dana Brooke had an interesting 2015. She debuted in 2014, but was able to hang with some of the better female workers WWE has ever had in the promotion this past year. She has also worked with Asuka, one of the top female performers in the world who is known for her stiff in-ring work full of kicks and other strikes. Sadly, Brooke was injured at the hands of Asuka in practice, but it was not seen as anything significant at the time.

According to the Wrestling Observer, she has missed a lot of recent NXT shows due to the ordeal, however. This was most likely why Emma faced off with Asuka at the recent WWE Takeover event in London over the much more likely candidate in Dana Brooke. Emma did a great job with Asuka and the match was loved, so the match did not lose anything by having Emma involved. Dana Brooke also got involved in the match a bit, as well.

The idea is that Brooke simply needs to heal up and she will be fine. Sadly, she now has another problem to face.

Emma Dana
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Ringside News managed to get hold of nude pictures of Dana Brooke that were leaked to the internet. We were all led to believe that these were recent photos of the NXT stand-out, but rumor has it that they have been floating around the internet for quite some time now and those who ran across them kept them relatively under wraps. They ended up in message boards eventually, and of course, nothing ever stays private there.

While the only images that can be found as of now are censored, we cannot post them here. However, you can go to Ringside News to see them if you choose to do so.

How does this affect her WWE standing? The rumor is that while WWE does know about the leak, no action will likely be taken against her. If they were old images from years back, Dana Brooke clearly did not intend for them to get out during her WWE career. Nor did she even take the pictures while under contract. That said, WWE cannot take action over something that is not her fault.

There was a big photo leak last year involving Seth Rollins and his now girlfriend Zahra Schreiber. Apparently, Rollins’ fiancé at the time found out he and Zahra were a thing and went, rightfully, into a fury. The problem was that she got her hands on all of his social media and posted images of not only Rollins’ nude, but Zahra as well. WWE did not blame their talent for the leak as they had no control over an enraged woman’s actions.

Dana Asuka
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In fact, Seth Rollins would cash in his money in the bank briefcase at WrestleMania 31 to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and pretty much run WWE as its top star for the entire year. Everyone seemed to forget about the ordeal. While Zahra did end up getting fired down the line, it had to do with old images of Nazi ties and her defending them that got her let go. So neither were cut due to nude photos.

With this being said, Dana Brooke has a huge upside with WWE, and it is likely that she will not see any sort of punishment for the nude photo leak. This is especially true if the images are older and just now getting in the public eye. As for Brooke’s return to action, it is up in the air. She can seemingly take some bumps, but not a ton. So, she might just need a few weeks to a month out of the ring.

There is some negative reaction to the injury as WWE did a storyline injury with her on the Breaking Ground series, which is supposed to be a shoot show and not scripted out like others. While she really is hurt, the perception is that WWE could have gone with the real injury and how it occurred. Some believe she has an issue with her chest which could be involving an implant, so WWE wanted to steer clear of that in the new PG format. Of course, this is only speculation among fans as of now, but it does hold some weight. Regardless, Dana Brooke could be back to action on WWE NXT at any point.

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