Paul Rudd: 10 Little Known Facts

Paul Rudd is now a superhero. Well, at least he is Marvel’s Ant-Man, and with Marvel comes much fame and fortune, but there is so much more to him than those superhero qualities that made him a shoe-in for the Ant-Man role. Seriously, what about the man behind the Ant-Man? There are some truly mind-blowing facts about Paul Rudd that few people know. Here are 10 of the most amazing facts most probably do not know about Paul Rudd.

1. Ranker reports that Paul Rudd has measured his level of success by how much people recognize him at parties. When he joined the cast of Friends, he knew that more people would see him in just one episode than in anything else he had ever done up to that point in his career.

“It used to be, ‘hold up wait a minute, don’t I know you? You’re that guy!’ I was a ‘that guy’ actor. Then all of a sudden they knew my name.”

2. Apparently, Paul Rudd has no fear of aging or dying. In fact, he is very aware of the fact that he is aging and it is happening steadily at a very slow pace.

“I’m not surprised by anything because I really just feel as if I’m on a slow, steady course to, just, destruction in every facet of my body and mind. My body is like a sandcastle. It can only take [so] many waves.”

3. Apparently, all through his promotional Ant-Man interview, Paul Rudd passed gas. Or was it the chair? Fans will never really know, will they?

4. Paul Rudd does not make an effort to promote himself because he wants people to know as little as possible about him as a person.

“I don’t actively promote myself. There’s a very specific thing you can do to get into magazines and talk shows to support a movie. I much prefer to just sort of show up and do the job and not really have anybody know too much about me as a human being simply because it makes the roles a little less interesting.”

5. When Rudd first met Jack Nicholson on the set of Everything You’ve Got, Nicholson came into the room and kissed Paul Rudd on the lips.

“[Nicholson] just swept into the room, kissed me on the lips, laughed, and sat down. It was hilarious. He’s Jack Nicholson. Where do you go from there?”

6. Paul Rudd has never done stand-up. He says he doesn’t want to just be known as a comedian.

“I didn’t want to just do specifically comedy. I still don’t want to just specifically do comedy. I never went to Second City. I didn’t do stand up. I studied classical theater. That was my thing.”

7. Paul Rudd told GQ once that he was mugged during the filming of Clueless. The mugger actually shot at him!

“I just remember the sound of it. I remember people in the parking lot being really freaked out. But I just got very calm. Then I had to go to work the next day. It was a scene at a club. I was dancing. And I had just been shot at the night before.”

8. According to Celebs Now, Paul Rudd absolutely loves radishes and has earned the nickname “Ruddish.”

9. When he was 12, Paul Rudd actually dated Jennifer Aniston! She was 12, too.

10. UpRoxx reports that Paul Rudd was The Tonight Show‘s very first Lip Sync Battle champion. Who knew he was so talented?

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