Leslie Mueller, Fred Mueller: ‘Dateline’s’ Episode, ‘Secrets Of Cottonwood Creek,’ Reviews Doctor’s Deadly Fall From Colorado Cliff

Leslie Mueller, the woman who fell to her death into the icy cold waters of Cottonwood Creek during a hiking trip, will have her tragic story told on Saturday’s Dateline NBC. Just yesterday, Inquisitr reported on another Dateline story about the murder of Kenia Monge. In tonight’s episode, entitled ‘The Secrets of Cottonwood Creek,” Dateline fans will listen to commentary from the police investigator in the case, and the children of Dr. Leslie Mueller. Her husband, Fred Mueller, was charged with her death, but after two trials, the prosecutor decided to dismiss the case against him. The case was also profiled on CBS 48 Hours.

Leslie Mueller died during a hiking trip in the Colorado mountains in May of 2008. The Muellers lived in Texas, but Colorado was one of their favorite vacation spots. The loving couple loved to travel, and they seemed to have a wonderful relationship, even after almost 27-years of marriage. The children explained their parents dedication to each other this way, according to CBS News.

“They are very, very affectionate to each other. They were the type of couple that, you know, you kind of feel uncomfortable ’cause they’re all over each other. Mom and dad both had a very strict philosophy that when you had an issue with someone… you always work it out and you never go to bed angry. And that was something that they lived by, both of them. And that’s why they had such a great marriage. ‘Cause they never harbored any grudges against each other.”

That fateful day, Leslie had accompanied her husband on a hike through the picturesque wilderness of Cottonwood creek — a beautiful, but rugged and rocky area where a river runs through it. The scene is so magnificent, that it would make the perfect spot to take pictures. In fact, that’s what the Muellers did. They took pictures — several of them. One of the last pictures taken shows Leslie near her beloved dog. Just after that photo was taken, Leslie Mueller somehow lost her balance, and fell to her death into the frigid waters of Cottonwood Creek. CBS News describes Mueller’s explanation of the fall this way.

“He took the picture, a bird flew by… the bluebird appeared to startle the dog and that as she was getting up she suddenly started going backwards. And she did a swan dive, just like head and shoulders and just slides like mush into the channel…” Fred told investigators. “I’m screaming her name, I’m hollering, I don’t know what I’m doing and the next thing I know she’s out of sight there… and I can’t really see where I can get to her… she’s just face down in the water head first going downstream.”

A frantic Frederick Mueller did everything he could to get her some help. After finding help, it took Mueller, who seemed disoriented, a while to find the exact location. By that time, Leslie Mueller, who was found floating face down, was clearly dead. Meanwhile, Dateline NBC will show how the Muellers’ son, Alex, was back at the family cabin waiting for them to return. They had left hours ago, and once dark fell, be began to wonder where they were. Once his father returned, he told Alex the tragic news. Devastated, Alex and his father returned to their home in Texas, where they had to tell Leslie’s two daughters about the accident.

Leslie was a beloved community resident and former doctor who had treated many women in the area. After she was laid to rest, Fred Mueller continued on with his life, and even remarried another woman. However, his world came crashing down after he was arrested in 2012 for Leslie’s death.

In Dateline‘s report, you’ll hear law enforcement confirm that her death was always viewed as suspicious, and that they always felt like Fred had something to do with it, as stated in the Standard Times. Be sure to watch tonight’s revealing episode to see what led to Fred Mueller’s arrest and the final dismissal of the case. NBC’s Dateline airs tonight at 8/7 central.

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