Celine Dion Stuns With Cover Of Adele’s “Hello” [VIDEO]

Celine Dion covered Adele, and it was everything fans could have hoped for.

Celine returned to the Las Vegas stage on December 31 to ring in the New Year with her “Celine” residency shows, and she certainly didn’t hold back when it came to showing off her legendary powerhouse voice.

Dion opted to cover Adele’s recent mega-hit “Hello” for a very excited audience during her show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, which has been causing quite a stir online.

“If I may, I would like Adele to be part of our New Year’s Eve,” Celine Dion told the audience in Sin City according to People. “Don’t panic, she’s not in the building,” she continued, joking. “Do we need to change the batteries in my microphone? It kind of lost it a bit. Adele, hello? Hello?”

Much to the excitement of the Sin City crowd, Celine then launched into Adele’s huge hit, which shattered records this year, becoming the first song in history to sell 1 million downloads in a week in the U.S., according to Billboard.

Dion’s stunning cover stirred up a whole lot of emotion online, which inspired a number of excited responses on social media.

“Holy f***… Celine Dion covered Adele’s ‘Hello'” one Twitter user wrote. Twitter user @justskyedra, who claimed to be at the New Year’s Eve show, wrote that “seeing celine perform adele’s hello live was the best nye ever” adding the hashtag “#lovelovelove.”

This isn’t the first time Celine Dion has revealed her love for Adele to the world.

In 2013, Celine revealed in an interview with Larry King Now that she’s actually looking to collaborate with the “Rumour Has It” singer. During a fan Q&A session on the talk show, Dion was asked if she’d ever duet with the British songstress, as well as Rihanna or Christina Aguilera, to which she replied “All of the above. I’m a big fan of all three.”

Dion’s latest cover comes from Sin City just months after Celine returned to the Las Vegas stage after taking a year away from the spotlight to take care of her husband, Réné Angélil, who is currently battling throat cancer.

“It was Rene’s wish that I come back,” Celine Dion said in a statement of her husband’s wishes ahead of her return back in August. “While my family will always be my priority, my fans are just as important to me.”

In another very candid interview with USA Today that same month, Celine also admitted that returning to the stage so soon was not initially in her immediate career plans.

“I didn’t want to be here at first, I don’t need it,” Dion told the site. “Don’t get me wrong, I love singing for people, but I have priorities… But René really gave me a gift,” she candidly revealed. “All my grieving, it was during this last year. I think I’ve got this. For now,” Dion added. “When it hits me, it’s going to hit me. But my biggest job is to tell my husband, we’re fine. I’ll take care of our kids. You’ll watch us from another spot.”

Dion also confessed in the candid interview that her husband was her main reason for getting back to work and returning to the Las Vegas stage.

“Don’t forget, he’s been the leader of the band all my life,” she told the site of Réné Angélil, her husband of 20 years. “So it [hacks] him off to not see me all day and over here working. But he wants me to do this, do the show, do the interviews. But he freaks when I’m not home with him, too.”

Watch Celine Dion cover Adele’s “Hello” below.


[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]