‘Downton Abbey’ Spoilers: Season 6 Will Be A Fan Favorite

Downton Abbey spoilers for Season 6 are included in this article. Read no further if you want to avoid spoilers!

The sixth and final season of Downton Abbey begins this Sunday on PBS‘s Masterpiece Theater. A variety of videos containing spoilers have popped up on the internet. They all hint at possible twists and turns in the lives of the family and characters so many have come to love. Some are hints that the things we have been wanting for some of the characters will finally come to fruition. Some are hints at events that will break our hearts.

At its core, Downton Abbey has always been about an aristocratic English family learning to navigate changes in the world from the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 to the 1920s. A way of life in which the rich live a life of privilege that is not questioned and is separate from those who are not part of the aristocracy is shaken by the war and its effects on the minds and lives of people across the world. Some Downton Abbey characters embrace the change, others resist. One thing all of the spoiler videos have in common is the suggestion that the characters who have clung to the past (Lord Grantham and, more reluctantly it appears, Dowager Countess Violet Crawley and butler Charles Carson, better known to viewers as Mr. Carson). More than one of these videos contain the following statement by Lord Grantham, along with scenes that include empty rooms and characters seeming to say goodbye to their beloved Downton Abbey.

“I can try to stop history in its tracks, maybe. But I can’t, Carson. For neither you nor I can hold back time.”

Another Downton Abbey spoiler currently circulating is one involving one of its more tragic figures, Edith Crawley, middle child of Lord and Lady Grantham. Edith has suffered crushing ends to love affairs and heartbreaking choices and consequences related to a child she bore out of wedlock. She recently inherited a publishing company and seems stronger than ever, but still has the issue of her illegitimate child to deal with. It seems, however, according to some circulating spoilers, that she may have some luck in the love department in this last season.

Downton Abbey spoilers

The relationship between Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson is a fan favorite. It was platonic until the end of Season 5, in a scene that brought tears to the eyes of most Downton Abbey fans. Mr. Carson said, “I do want to be stuck with you,” and we all cried.

Downton Abbey spoiler photos have appeared on multiple websites, including Yahoo TV, that show the two apparently wedding in a church and spoilers are circulating that indicate that the first few episodes of the Downton Abbey season deal with the couple planning their wedding, so hopes are that this lovely couple finally comes together.

In another Downton Abbey spoiler, the modern and complicated Lady Mary Crawley has a mysterious storyline in this final season of Downton Abbey. Morning Ledger reports that PBS has released a video that provides a peek at this plot.

As Mary and Lord Grantham (after symbolically arguing over her choice to wear pants and not ride side-saddle as a lady should) head out on a hunt, she spies a woman who obviously upsets her. The woman stares at Lady Mary, making her uncomfortable. When asked, Lord Grantham tells Mary he doesn’t know who the woman is but that she is not the wife of any of the farmers living on the land belonging to Downton Abbey. Who is this mystery woman? And what does she want from Lady Mary?

Downton Abbey spoilers

Jullian Fellowes, who has written every one of the 52 episodes of Downton Abbey, told Yahoo TV that they had intended to end the series with Season 5 but thought they owed one more season to the viewers to complete the story of the characters. He has also stated, however, that not every story will have a happy ending, and not every story will even have an ending. He has simply committed that they will “tie up most of the main strands.”

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