Josh Duggar In Jail? Josh Responds To Battery Lawsuit, Left Rehab Early [Video]

Josh Duggar has a difficult 2016 ahead of him. Amidst reports that Duggar has left rehab, two months early, a judge has set a pretrial conference in Pennsylvania regarding the lawsuit adult film actress Danica Dillon filed against Josh for allegedly being too rough during sex. Rumors are also circulating that depending on Dillon’s testimony, Josh Duggar might be looking at a criminal investigation.

Dillon filed her $500,000 lawsuit against Josh in Pennsylvania, presumably because that’s where their consensual sex took place. Although Duggar has remained mum over the weeks since the lawsuit was filed, he has finally responded.

In United States District Court documents obtained by Radar Online, because neither Josh nor Danica reside in that state, Duggar attorneys filed on December 23 to push the case into federal court. A Pennsylvania judge has set a pretrial date of January 21. Although the judge ordered both sides to meet during the court date at the U.S. Courthouse in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there’s been no word about whether Josh will be required to show, or if his lawyers can simply represent him.

In her lawsuit, Dillon claims in the document filed November 17 that Josh Duggar “manhandled” her and “physically assaulted her to the point of causing her physical and emotional injuries.” The adult film star also asserts that she “felt as if she were being raped” by Josh.

According to Radar Online, Danica also claims that Josh Duggar did not pay her the agreed upon price of $1,500 for consensual sex, choked her, and failed to use a condom. Duggar fans following the case are left wondering if it’s even legal to pay for sex in the state of Pennsylvania.

Because of the nature of Dillon’s claims, legal experts have revealed that depending on her testimony, Josh Duggar could face jail time. Speaking to In Touch, legal experts said the “most likely crimes Josh could be charged with range from misdemeanor simple assault, which carries a maximum sentence of one to two years, or felony aggravated assault, which carries a 10-year to 20-year maximum sentence,” criminal defense attorney Lloyd Long III told the magazine.

Naturally, the Duggar family is terrified of this outcome. A Duggar insider revealed that family patriarch Jim Bob “doesn’t want this case becoming a criminal matter,” since “Josh would never be the same if he went inside.” Since the family has already lost a reported $25 million in income after 19 Kids And Counting was removed from television airwaves, a criminal investigation might seal the doom of the reality television stars.

In fact, the insider confessed that the Duggar clan is “afraid Josh going to jail would leave an indelible stain on the family name, and that they, too, would be punished for years because of what he did.” Since the family has already lost book deals and speaking engagements over the Josh Duggar scandals, it seems their fear is very real.

Josh Duggar has reportedly left rehab after only four months; although, there has been no clear confirmation. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the Duggar private jet landed near the Rockford, Illinois rehab center only to take off an hour later. Flight Aware records show that the plane left Springdale, Arkansas on December 29 at 3:30 p.m., and landed at 5:46 in Rockford, Illinois.

Records also show that the Duggar family plane left just over an hour later at 6:57 p.m., and terminated the flight in Springdale, Arkansas at 10:11 p.m. The faith-based rehab center, Reformers United, prefers patients to remain for six months. If Josh has left, it’s two months too early.

Josh Duggar recently received a visit over Christmas from his wife Anna and brother John-David, who has his pilot’s license. The quick turnaround time on the December 29 visit definitely points to the possibility that Josh has had enough of rehab.

What do you think? Should Josh Duggar face criminal charges for having rough sex with Danica Dillon? Do you think he’s left rehab? Leave a comment below.

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