Rob Kardashian On Verge Of Diabetic Coma, Stroke & Heart Attack Amid 100-Lb Weight Gain: ‘KUWTK’ Clan Urges Rehab

Rob Kardashian has sought to succeed for much of his life in a world where his Keeping Up With The Kardashian sisters are known for dazzling with beauty, charm, and career success. Whether it’s Kim Kardashian breaking the Internet (and the Apple Store) with cover photos and apps, or Kendall Jenner soaring up the supermodel ladder, Rob has repeatedly been overshadowed by the rest of the family. Most recently, Rob became the subject of concern by those same sisters as well as matriarch and momager Kris Jenner. He gained 100 pounds, suffered from depression, and retired into seclusion at 28.

Now, Rob has come back into the headlines by shocking and scaring his family, friends, and fans with a rush to the hospital, where it has been discovered Kardashian was on the verge of a diabetic coma, reports Fox 8.

The diagnosis of diabetic ketoacidosis signifies a dangerous diabetes complication that can, potentially, result in a diabetic coma. However, the physicians offered Rob hope with the recommendation to change his lifestyle by improving his diet and fitness regime to manage his type 2 diabetes.

Trying to avoid the spotlight, Kardashian even avoided his sister Kim’s wedding and also declined to be part of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians TV show in recent years.

Kim Kardashian and brother Rob pose in happier times.
Kim Kardashian and brother Rob pose in happier times. [Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images]

Despite his terrifying rush to the hospital, Rob has retreated back into seclusion, reveals a source cited by People.

Kardashian even refuses to answer texts from those who sincerely care about him, noted the insider.

“Even after his medical scare, Rob acts like he wants nothing to do with the world,” shared the source. “He doesn’t respond to texts from people that are genuinely concerned and checking up on him.”

Have two years of hiding, gaining weight, and struggling with depression taken their toll to the extent that Rob feels he can’t change? The Kardashian family hopes to improve the situation when the holidays end.

Although Kris did fly back from St. Barth’s when she discovered Rob had been rushed to the hospital, she went back later to finish her holiday with Corey Gamble, her new boyfriend. Rob has reportedly gone back to staying with big sister Khloé Kardashian but other members of the family can’t get in touch with him.

Khloe Kardashian has opened her home to brother Rob.
Khloe Kardashian has opened her home to brother Rob. [Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]

“The family will come up with a new plan when the holiday is over and everyone is back in L.A.,” said People‘s source. “They are of course very concerned about Rob and have been for a long time.”

Kardashian was also diagnosed with problems with his kidney and pancreas, a source told Radar Online.

“His pancreas is basically not functioning,”said the insider. “He also has kidney problems. He’s very, very sick.”

Rob initially was taken to the hospital under protests, forced to do so by the family when he suffered from problems breathing and was perspiring heavily.

The Kardashian family are now trying to persuade Rob to enter a rehab center for focused professional help with his multitude of problems, Radar also reported.

How serious are the medical issues Rob is dealing with?

Rob Kardashian faces life or death turning point.
Rob Kardashian faces life or death turning point. [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

“Once diabetes hits the pancreas, it means the disease has already affected the brain and heart,” expert Dr. Stuart Fischer told Radar. “So Rob is at a very high risk for heart attack and stroke.”

Rob allegedly abuses alcohol in addition to battling deep depressions. Now he has medical problems that might even require kidney dialysis. Moreover, Dr. Fischer warned, the abuse of booze might be harming Rob’s pancreas.

“Alcohol intoxication causes pancreatitis, when the pancreas over-secretes hormones and literally explodes in the abdomen,” explained Dr. Fischer.

The medical expert agrees with Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian that persuading Rob to start a stint in rehab involving a lengthy period of hospitalization just might be the best prescription. Dr. Fischer also recommends Rob stop substance abuse and start a serious diet.

“Rehab might be just what he needs in order to grasp reality and get help,” emphasized Dr. Fischer. “Rob’s hitting rock bottom. He needs to get healthy, or he risks death.”

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]