WWE News: Concern Regarding WWE Superstar Kevin Owens Weight, Is His Look Holding Him Back?

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens has had one of the best years one can have in the WWE. He won the NXT Championship to start the year off well for him in 2015, he beat John Cena in his first official main roster match and eventually went on to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Few can say they had a year like Owens, but despite this it seems that he does still have his detractors.

According to Daily Wrestling News, a person mentioned to Vince McMahon backstage that there was a feeling that Kevin Owens gained weight. This was near the time that Owens lost the IC Title to Dean Ambrose, but most feel that his weight did not play bit into the loss. Many have wanted to see Dean Ambrose hold some sort of gold since he has been needing some sort of storyline that a championship instantly gives him.

Despite his look, Owens has been praised lot for his work over the past year. On top of that, he has gotten over very well since his arrival in WWE NXT late last year. He was instantly loved, but was always capable of getting boos that every bad guy is supposed to be getting. Despite the love he has from certain audiences, it is interesting that he is able to turn that around with his actions in the ring or his promos on the mic.

Cena Owens
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WWE has rewarded Owens with big wins and major spots all year, and 2016 should be another good year for Owens if he can stay as hot as he was in 2015.

As far as his weight is concerned, there is always an internal fear that people can be pushed down the roster due to their look. Talents have to maintain “a look” that Vince McMahon likes to continue to get big spots or get them at all. Kevin Owens has the support of Triple H, which is a major help for him backstage. No one has spoken to Triple H about the weight issue, and probably for good reason.

Kevin Owens does not have the prototypical look of past WWE greats, but that makes him different. Fans love that guys like Owens are getting a chance to shine over the types who might have a good look but nothing else to contribute. While WWE ideally wants to have those who have it all, that is not always possible. WWE can only have a few like this at a time in their company. Seth Rollins for example represents everything that WWE wants in a top guy, yet Vince McMahon has seemingly wanted to invest his company in Roman Reigns.

Owens NXT
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Triple H seemed to always be high on Rollins. This could be something that is eventually turned into a storyline with WWE. Both men have a lot of upside, but fans seem to side with The Game over The Chairman when it comes to this ordeal. The cool thing is, WWE can build both men into top stars for years to come. Regardless of who has the “top guy” tag, both will be used in top roles with WWE for a long time.

As for Kevin Owens, he falls right into all of this. He obviously has the skill-set to be a top performer in WWE and while his look may not be better than some of the guys WWE favors, the fans seem to side with Owens which means he still carries a ton of good weight in WWE. For the most part as well, it is tough to tell if Owens has even gained a pound since arriving.

Kevin Owens has looked the same since his arrival in WWE NXT in 2014. That said, whomever mentioned the weight issue to McMahon clearly has some really good eyesight or just wants to destroy a career.

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