Madonna Asks Fans If They’re ‘In Her Gang’ In The Midst Of Custody Battle Over Rocco

Madonna is kicking her war with Guy Ritchie up another notch by taking to Instagram and asking fans if “they’re in her gang.” Most have taken that to mean that she wants to know who is on her side in the tug of war for son Rocco Ritchie. Right now, Rocco is in London with his father, Guy Ritchie, and doesn’t want to return to New York to live with his mother, Madonna. Madonna has gone to court to bring Rocco back home, but so far, he is still in the U.K.

According to the Inquisitr, Madonna has been looking to send a rebellious Rocco to military school in the United States to control his behavior. Rocco is saying that Madonna is a control freak who uses him as a trophy. He wants to be able to hang out with his friends and go to school, rather than being dragged on tour with his mother.

The Daily Mail reported that on New Years Eve, Madonna took to Instagram to ask fans “r u in my gang?” In response, Guy Ritchie’s wife posted a photo kissing the director.

Rocco is currently living with Guy Ritchie, his wife Jacqui, and their three children in London after literally running away from his mother while she was on tour in Europe. Madonna and Rocco have reportedly been fighting, and he has had enough. He is also rumored to be angry that Madonna overshares photos of him on Instagram.

According to Page Six, Madonna canceled her getaway to Switzerland, as she is in the middle of a custody battle. Annually, Madonna goes to Gstaad, but this year, she decided to skip the snowy vacation. Sources say that the Material Girl likes to get out of town for the new year.

“In recent years over the New Year’s holiday Madge and Rocco, along with Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, have been Gstaad fixtures. One year, Rocco was seen break-dancing in front of guests at fashion mogul Valentino’s annual Gstaad New Year’s Eve celebration at his chic chalet, Gifferhorn.”

Another Gstaad regular, Elton John, also skipped this year, and sources are saying that this year was more low key than other years.

The Daily Mail also revealed that Madonna has been undergoing cupping therapy to get rid of toxins perhaps brought on by the tug of war over Rocco. Once again, Madonna took to Instagram to show pictures of the cups still on her back. Cupping has been known to relax tight back muscles while drawing toxins out of the body.

Rocco Ritchie has been seen skateboarding around London, chilling on Guy Ritchie’s rooftop, and obviously not returning to New York. Guy Ritchie has sought legal counsel in London and is planning to fight to keep Rocco with him.

Recently, Madonna shared a video on Instagram of Rocco doing a back flip in his boxer shorts, tagged #nosausage. Like most 15-year-old boys, he really didn’t appreciate his mother sharing a photo of him in his underwear, or talking about his “sausage.”

A source says that Rocco is refusing to return to New York, and says that he does not want to live with Madonna anymore.

“The boy said he didn’t want to stay with her. He’s not getting along with his mum, which is not a surprise for a child that age.”

The New York judge is saying that Rocco needs to return to New York and explain why he does not want to live with his mother anymore.

Do you think Madonna should just give Rocco some time with his father?

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