WWE Rumors: Kevin Owens Winning Royal Rumble

WWE rumors are stating that Kevin Owens might become the first performer to win the Royal Rumble match in his debut in the battle royal this year, according to WWE.com.

Joey Styles is the Vice President of Digital Media Content for World Wrestling Entertainment, which means that he is the person in charge of everything that happens on WWE.com.

Since he is privy to information within the company, Joey Styles will oftentimes direct his content creators to tease upcoming story lines that will be taking place on television.

The latest article on the website suggests that it is time for WWE to make history again, something that they love to do because it is an easy tool to elevate one of their performers.

When Kevin Owens made his debut on the main roster in WWE, he shocked the world by picking up a clean victory over John Cena, which means that management believes in him.

Since the feud with John Cena ended, Kevin Owens has lost a good amount of momentum over the past couple of months. He seems like he is lost in the mid-card shuffle in WWE now.

An excellent way to build up instant momentum and credibility for Kevin Owens would be to let him win the Royal Rumble match, which would create quite a buzz with wrestling fans online.

John Cena
John Cena [Photo by WWE]

While World Wrestling Entertainment officials like Kevin Owens enough to feature him on television every week, they might not view him as a top level guy in the mold of John Cena.

That particular perception of Kevin Owens might prevent WWE from pulling the trigger on a Royal Rumble match victory for the former ROH star. He is not ready to headline Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania 32 is being held in the massive AT&T Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys play. Both Vince McMahon and Jerry Jones are hoping that the event will break records.

Even though Wrestlemania essentially sells itself nowadays, WWE still needs to put together a top notch main event in order to capture the attention of as many fans as possible.

World Wrestling Entertainment would need someone like Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Dwayne Johnson, or Steve Austin in the main event if they wanted to break the attendance record.

With all those factors involved, it decreases the chances that Kevin Owens will be allowed to headline Wrestlemania 32. As talented as Owens is in the ring, he is not that big of a draw.

If WWE wanted to think outside of the box, then they could have Kevin Owens winning the Royal Rumble match to create a buzz, but then have him lose the main event match after that.

Steve Austin
Steve Austin [Photo by WWE]

While the added stipulation of receiving a main event spot at Wrestlemania has made the Royal Rumble a bit more entertaining, it also makes it a bit predictable as to who will win.

Guys like Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E Langston have virtually no chance of winning, even though they are one of the most popular acts in all of professional wrestling today.

Whoever they choose to win the Royal Rumble match has to also be someone that they can rely on to sell tickets to Wrestlemania, or convince fans to get a subscription to WWE Network.

Brock Lesnar is guaranteed to have a high profile match at Wrestlemania 32, so there’s a chance that he could win the Royal Rumble match. A rematch against Roman Reigns could draw big.

Another candidate to win the Royal Rumble match would be Triple H. The on-screen Chief Operating Officer has been feuding with Roman Reigns. A big Wrestlemania match makes sense.

It would be great if Kevin Owens won the Royal Rumble match, but he’s not headlining Wrestlemania.

[Featured Photo by WWE]