Donald Trump Spokeswoman Katrina Pierson Wears Bullet Necklace On TV, Apparently Freaks Out Liberals [Video]

The way that Donald Trump national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson accessorized on CNN this week apparently outraged/trolled some social media users, which prompted Pierson to “shoot back” on Twitter.

Pierson wore a bullet necklace during an interview on Tuesday with Jim Sciutto (see clip below), in which, among other things, she addressed the news that Donald Trump for the first time will be dipping into his thick wallet and begin running TV ads in Iowa and New Hampshire. It’s getting close to crunch time for the GOP front-runner: the Iowa Caucus will be held on February 1, while the New Hampshire primary takes place on February 9.

“A spokeswoman for Donald Trump is sticking to her guns — and threatening another provocative pose — after being criticized for wearing a necklace of strung-together bullets,” CNN advised.

Responding to a post-interview tweet from Sciutto about the fashion statement, the Second Amendment champion confirmed on Twitter that the accessory was the real deal.

When a gun control advocate tweeted out that the bullet necklace was meant to bring attention to the 90 Americans killed each day by gun violence, Pierson fired back, “Maybe I’ll wear a fetus next time& bring awareness to 50 million aborted people that will never [get] to be on Twitter.”

Katrina Pierson wears bullet necklace on CNN
[image via YouTube]

A follow-up tweet added that “of course it will be interpreted literally. Never min[d] the point being made.”

The following day, Pierson tweeted that “the liberals freaking out about my accessories are sexist. They only approve of women in pantsuits and jackets. Oh, and tampon earrings,” the latter being a callback to MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry’s unusual accessorizing in July 2013 broadcast.

“Typos aside, Pierson is no dummy, and she is proving to be as deft at trolling liberal America as her boss,” Quartz noted.

As alluded to above, Katrina Pierson is no stranger to controversial Trump-style politically incorrect remarks (or tweets for that matter), as the Inquistr previously reported. Defending Trump’s plan to temporarily ban Muslim immigration into the U.S. in an earlier CNN appearance, Pierson declared, “So what? They’re Muslim.”

During an interview on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor on December 18, Katrina Pierson asked, “What good does it do to have a good nuclear triad if you’re afraid to use it?”

A single mom and former Tea Party activist from Texas who rose to prominence supporting U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, Pierson was arrested for shoplifting in 1997, which she describes as a turning point in her life, according to the Examiner.

“The Garland [Texas] resident was on the ground floor of Ted Cruz’s 2012 underdog victory in the Senate primary against Republican David Dewhurst. And in 2014 she ran unsuccessfully for Congress against Republican Pete Sessions, R-Dallas,” the Dallas Morning News reported.

Explaining why she switched from Trump to Cruz, Pierson claimed, “Mr. Trump is definitely someone that has an international economic appeal. He’s built a billion-dollar empire. He’s grown businesses. He’s had successes and failures. He’s learned the tricks of the trade. He’s a great negotiator. He’s known for building brands, and that’s what the country needs right now.”

According to the Real Clear Politics poll average, Donald Trump — a former Democrat and Independent who is not popular with the so-called GOP establishment or with liberals but is receiving support from what used to be called Reagan Democrats — maintains a double-digit lead with grassroots voters over his nearest Republican rivals for the GOP presidential nomination in election 2016, although Cruz currently has a 2.8 percent lead over Trump in Iowa.

Do you think that Katrina Pierson was purposely trolling liberals and/or gun control fans with her bullet necklace?

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