China Prepares For Space Warfare, Creates ‘Space Force’ To Control Low Earth Orbit With Military Presence

Reports indicate that China is preparing for space warfare by creating a “Space Force” that will dominate control of low earth orbit. The Space Force will include nuclear missiles, electronic forces, and cyber threat units that are headed by the People’s Liberation Army of China.

With China taking to space for military purposes, concerns arise that widespread orbital destruction could cause widespread chaos, as technology could come to a standstill as satellites are blasted from the sky. Additionally, it has been proposed that China is making the strategic decision to fund the Space Force as a means “to achieve control of low earth orbit in order to defeat the United States on Earth.”

The Daily Mail reports that concerns are growing over China’s plans to create a military Space Force, which will make it possible for the country’s military to dominate low earth orbit. nuclear missiles, electronic forces, and cyber threat units. The reports on the Space Force suggest that China’s People’s Liberation Army will create the space warfare program.

According to the Washington Post, which released the full report on the program, China has been working on counter-space capabilities for some time. It was reported that the sixth test of a hypersonic strike vehicle on November 23. Just before that test, an anti-satellite missile test was performed on October 30. These two tests indicate that China is ramping up its space technology military capabilities and that they are serious about moving forward with a program like Space Force.

It was noted in the annual report of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission that China is expanding its capabilities at an astonishing rate.

“China is pursuing a broad and robust array of counterspace capabilities, which includes direct-ascent anti-satellite missiles, co-orbital anti-satellite systems, computer network operations, ground-based satellite jammers and directed energy weapons.”

A Chinese military affairs specialist, Rick Fisher, notes that the implications of strong Chinese military force in space are frightening. Fisher says that the Space Force program is a direct aim at the United States and will allow the country to “achieve control of low earth orbit in order to defeat the United States on Earth.” In other words, the Chinese military could take out the United States from space using space-to-ground missiles or by simply taking out the U.S. technology structure.

If warfare broke out in space, or if China used their military capabilities to destroy orbiting satellites, technology may take a direct hit and send people into a tech time warp. All of the technology that requires satellites could be disrupted or destroyed completely. Air Force General John Hyten, in charge of U.S. Space Command, says that technology would go back to World War II status and cause some serious concerns.

Military experts say that although China is making a move to dominate low Earth orbit space, they currently do not have the technology to accurately hit a target on the ground from space. Therefore, the greater concerns are currently surrounding the strategic destruction of satellites that provide needed technology to the ground.

What do you think of China’s new “Space Force” program? Do you think China will dominate low earth orbit if the United States doesn’t ramp back up the space program?

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