Katy Perry Resolves To ‘Give Less F***s’ In 2016

Katy Perry already seems to be an incredibly creative artist, but apparently she wants to expand her creativity in the New Year. Expose reports that Perry recently finished off her “Prismatic World Tour” and is now setting her sights on trying out new things and experimenting, even with her style.

“Next year I just want to let go a little bit more and – how can I say this as elegantly as possible – give less f***s about outside commentary. I want to experiment with being creative and artistic.”

Essentially, Katy Perry wants to think more as a creative artist as she takes on her next album.

“Really tapping into the artist that I am and presenting that in styling. I will look less for people’s approval.”

Most of all, Katy Perry has the simple wish of being happy and healthy in 2016.

“It’s really simple: it’s just continued health for my family, happiness, togetherness and get-alongness.”

Perhaps part of Katy Perry’s new creative expression in style comes in the form of her obsession with loungewear. People reports that Katy Perry is all about the loungewear, in particular monogrammed robes. She recently posted a pic on Instagram explaining why she likes to be cozy and how she wanted to gift her family with coziness this holiday season.

“I decided to extend my obsession for a constant state of coziness to my friends & family this Christmas by gifting them their own monogrammed one. I wanna give a shout out annnnnnd I guess share my adult blanket with everyone this winter.”

It appears Katy Perry also loves onesies and recently designed some holiday-themed onesies including Santa, a snowman, a Christmas tree, and a gingerbread man. The onesies zip right up over the face for the full effect!

Katy Perry wants happiness in her own life this New Year, and she also brought happiness to one little girl who really needs it. The New York Daily News reports that arson burn victim Safyre Terry wanted nothing more than loads of Christmas cards this year to fill her card tree.

A friend of the family posted Safyre’s wish on Facebook.

Safyre was sent over one million Christmas cards, as well as gifts and treats. However, what Safyre wanted most of all was a card from Katy Perry that she could place at the top of her tree. Her wish came true.

The New York Daily Mail reports that Safyre not only got cards from the Obamas, Beyoncé, and her late father’s favorite band, the Insane Clown Posse, she also got a gift package from Katy Perry. Safyre didn’t even know about the gift until the day after Christmas because it was buried in the mounds of cards and gifts they had to go through. Katy Perry included a letter to Safyre in the card.

“Safyre — I heard about your Christmas wish and am so honored that you saved the top of the tree for me! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. I’ll be thinking of you on Christmas Day, special girl.”

In addition to the card, Katy Perry gave Safyre her Prismatic World Tour Live DVD, a copy of her documentary Katy Perry: A Part of Me, a light-up iPhone 6 case, a hoodie backpack, and a black cat-shaped purse.

Katy Perry fans can’t wait to see where your creativity will lead the acclaimed singer.

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]