Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky Slammed For Native American Costume Party Pic

Actor Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky apparently offended a lot of fans on social media with a recent costume party picture.

The Furious 7 actress posted a picture of herself, Chris, and a group of their friends dressed as Native Americans on Instagram early Thursday morning. According to the photo’s caption, the star couple attended a New Year’s Eve party that had a Wild Wild West theme.

“Fin de Año 2016 Fiesta Wild Wild West!! Feliz Año a todos!!NYE 2016 Wild Wild West Party!! Happy New Year everyone!!”

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa are both located on the far left of the photo; Elsa has a duck face while Chris appears to be a little confused. The rest of the people dressed as Native Americans are smiling while placed behind a large “Wanted” sign with a marked reward of $6,500.

It did not take very long for Chris and Elsa’s followers and fans to start commenting and sharing their reactions to the photo on Instagram. The overall response was mixed.

Some felt that the photo was very disrespectful and did not hesitate to comment on how offended they were by it.

Perhaps one of the lengthiest comments made by someone offended by the photo came from Instagram user BourbonandBabyBlues.

“This is so disappointing to see. Native Americans are real, their culture is real, and they most certainly not a f**king costume. This is akin to walking around in blackface. I’m from Oklahoma, where the majority of Native Americans were forced to settle after colonization. People don’t dress up as the [indigenous] people of Australia and make a mockery of their culture. You wouldn’t paint your face black, put on ‘urban’ clothing, and throw a f**king party. You sure as hell shouldn’t paint your face and dress…as Native Americans either.”

The core of that overall reaction was essentially repeated through the comments of many other fans and followers that were just as offended by Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s photo.

dovahk11d: “Not cool, man… You shouldn’t dress up in other people’s traditional dress/a mockery of it. it might seem harmless but it’s just…thoughtless and unkind and overall a sh**ty thing to do. if it isn’t yours to use, don’t use it. i love you and chris but this is disappointing, gotta say.”

edithprr: “You are gonna get a lot of sh*t for this photo Elsa, Native Americans are sensitive about their traditional dress being made into costumes for recreational activities.”

m.jolnir: “Y’all couldn’t think of a different party theme?”

b.loe: “Oh no Thor has gone and effed up with this cultural appropriation”

realpumpkin1: “[Elsa Pataky], very sad to see white people lampooning traditional Native American dress.”

roseyposeyosey: “Why would you do something like this and think it’s alright?”

On the other hand, others simply did not see anything wrong with it at all and even slammed the harsh critics in return for taking a themed party picture so seriously in the first place.

317537rn: “Try to ignore the hate here. You guys are having fun and no one is hurt by it. My goodness what people get offended about on here. Happy new year to you and yours!”

hclark19: “My goodness – can we please just stop with everyone being offended by everything? I’m actually of Indian decent and this does not bother me at all. Please people, let people live their lives. Be happy.”

pita33351: “Look at all the sensitive people getting offended. Get over it. It was a theme party. I swear people these days get offended over EVERYTHING. People have nothing better to do then complain about every little thing…and I’m sure they will complain about this comment. Quit acting like a bunch of little babies.”

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are usually not known for posting controversial pictures or wearing culturally insensitive outfits. The Thor actor has managed to maintain a fairly low profile in the public eye with the exception of adding film credit after film credit to his blossoming career as an actor.

In addition to being a wife and mother, Elsa has also been able to show off her own acting skills, especially within the last few Fast and Furious movies as Dom’s rebound love interest.

Neither Chris Hemsworth nor Elsa Pataky have issued an official response to the negative backlash associated with their controversial photo as of yet.

[Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]