Jennifer Garner Moving Forward With Divorce From Ben Affleck, Remains ‘Cordial’ With The ‘Batman’ Star For Kids

Despite the multiple sightings of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner spending time together, it does not appear as though the couple will be getting back together anytime soon. According to People, Garner is still planning on going through with the divorce and is keeping Affleck around in order to help their kids adjust to the new parenting situation.

“This more seems like a transitional period,” the source told the magazine.”They interact every day. Mostly about the kids and simple things. Jen wants Ben around for the kids.”

Affleck and Garner have three kids together, including Violet, 10, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3. The two announced their divorce this past year after being together for nearly a decade but have yet to finalize their split.

Ever since their announced divorce, the couple have been spotted together on numerous occasions, including over Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, according to Us Weekly, things are strictly business between the Hollywood stars, and they continue to remain together for the sake of their children.

Ben Affleck was rumored to be moving on from Jennifer Garner with his 'Pearl Harbor' costar Kate Beckinsale. [Image via Touchstone Pictures]

In remaining together, Affleck and Garner have managed to keep their children’s lives fairly stable despite their public split.

In fact, according to an inside source, “Things still feel pretty normal” for the couple’s three children.

At the same time, the insider continued to explain the nature of Garner’s relationship with the Batman v Superman star. More specifically, the source revealed that the two are managing to share their parental duties by keeping their lines of communication open.

“[Garner] keeps Ben in the loop on their schedules and what’s going on,” the source stated. “She always invites him to come along. Ben and Jen have made a big push to let the kids know that they will always be a family.”

When it comes to the reports of Affleck’s continued affairs and partying ways, Garner apparently no longer pays much attention to how the Gone Girl actor spends his time. The only thing Garner expects of Affleck is to fulfill his duties as a dad.

That being said, Radar Online is reporting that Affleck has had a difficult time with the divorce. In fact, a source close to the actor stated that he has let himself go in recent weeks and is not sure what to do with his current predicament.

Interestingly, the divorce papers have yet to be signed, leading to more speculation that perhaps Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner might reconcile their marriage. According to Design & Trend, this is one reason why Garner is holding out on making the divorce final.

“Jen’s hoping he can pull himself together, but even she admits she’s being very optimistic,” a source explained. “He’s burnt her so many times and her friends are urging her to not give him any more chances. He’ll never change and he doesn’t deserve it.”

However, despite the rumors that the couple is trying to work things out, People is reporting that Garner is not considering taking him back. Although Affleck is still living in their guest house in L.A., an insider told the outlet that two are not thrilled about having to spend so much time together.

Ben Affleck can next be seen in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' in March 2016. [Image via Warner Bros]

“It’s obvious many times that they both find it annoying to deal with each other,” the insider explained. “Understandably so. It’s a strange situation to live together and yet be separated.”

Following the New Year celebrations, Affleck is expected to finish filming his upcoming movie, Live By Night. Not only is Affleck writing and directing the film, but he is also set to star in the period flick.

For her part, Garner is currently busy with the promotion of her newest movie, Miracles from Heaven.

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