‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy And Ivy Do Battle Again, Brooke Continues To Struggle

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday’s episode tease that there is another dramatic confrontation on the way. Steffy and Ivy are said to go at it yet again, and this one is going to be brutal. What can viewers expect from the December 31 show?

As viewers saw on Wednesday, Quinn busted in on Wyatt’s proposal to Ivy and demanded that Ivy tell the truth. After a lot of hemming and hawing, Ivy admitted that she is still in love with Liam. Wyatt exploded as Ivy admitted that despite the fact that he is her second choice, she still would have accepted his proposal had Quinn not confronted her.

Liam and Ivy had a conversation at Forrester, and as so frequently happens at the company, the door wasn’t closed and someone was able to overhear the conversation. As Ivy pushed Liam to admit he still loves her, Steffy was outside listening. While Liam did say he loves Ivy, what Steffy will surely miss is the likelihood that Liam means that he loves Ivy, but isn’t in love with her.

According to She Knows Soaps, Liam and Steffy will be having an intense discussion in Thursday’s show. Will she confront him about what she overheard? It is known that Liam will once again implore Steffy to stay away from Ivy. Unfortunately, Steffy has rarely listened to Liam and his pleas on this front in the past, and it seems she isn’t going to do it now, either.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Steffy will track down Ivy, and there is another confrontation. Ivy has her bags packed to head to Australia when Steffy catches up to her to confront her. The two women will argue on the stairs, and one of them will end up tripping over the luggage and falling down the stairs.

Will it be Ivy or Steffy who falls? That much isn’t known quite yet, though many are guessing it will be Ivy. The one who doesn’t fall is in a difficult position trying to explain what happened, and most would imagine that this plays out by Ivy being injured yet again and Steffy scrambling to defend herself, especially after Liam had once again asked her to stay away from Ivy.

There will also be more related to Brooke, Bill, and Katie in this episode. Brooke was offered a job at Spencer Publications, but her lingering feelings for Bill put her in a difficult position. Brooke feels that she needs to decline the job, but Katie is going to have a hard time understanding why. In addition, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Katie will see that Brooke has been crying, but Katie doesn’t realize that it is over Bill.

Will Steffy and Liam split after this staircase incident? Soap Central details that Liam is going to be very upset in the episodes to come over Steffy’s handling of her anger toward Ivy. Many are anticipating that the couple will be breaking up soon, and naturally, there have been plenty of teases that Steffy and Wyatt will be connecting romantically.

The show is not airing a new episode on Friday, but there will be plenty of drama coming during the week of January 4. In addition to chaos surrounding Steffy and Ivy, there will be more tension related to Brooke, and there is Avant drama coming, as well. Stay tuned for more The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers as the drama plays out to see just who stays together and who splits in the episodes ahead.

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