‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy Gets An Earful, Brooke Makes A Bold Move, And Ivy Pressures Liam

This has been an explosive week on The Bold and the Beautiful, and spoilers tease that Wednesday’s episode brings more of the same. Ivy has been busted for her angling to reunite with Liam, and this is going to have major repercussions. Brooke has been a bit lost, but she has been offered a job at Forrester Creations, and this is setting the stage for some fresh drama. Where are things headed in the December 30 episode?

There will surely be quite a bit of drama in the wake of Ivy’s confession to Wyatt. Liam and Steffy were there to witness Quinn pressuring Ivy to come clean, and Wyatt tossed Ivy out of the beach house. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that as the dust settles, Quinn will be trying to comfort her son.

Wyatt is heartbroken over learning that Ivy really wanted his brother, Liam, but would have said yes to the proposal anyway. Wyatt had already forgiven her for her fling with Thomas, and he thought she had worked through any residual feelings for Liam. Now, however, Wyatt has to figure out what comes next.

Not only will Quinn be chatting with Wyatt in Wednesday’s show, but Steffy will as well. This big revelation about Ivy’s residual feelings for Liam comes as a shocker to Steffy as well, given her engagement to Liam. While Ivy puts a lot of the blame for this mess on Steffy, who breezed into town and snagged Liam away from Ivy while the two were married, not everybody else sees it that way.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Ivy will talk with Liam during this episode, getting emotional as she asks Liam to admit that he still loves her, as well. It seems that Liam will admit that he does, but this admission could cause big trouble for him. As She Knows Soaps details, Steffy will happen to be right outside the door eavesdropping.

Naturally, Steffy will be furious to hear what Liam and Ivy share with one another. Additional Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Ivy will declare that she is moving back to Australia, but viewers can expect another fierce battle between the two women before Ivy leaves. That is said to be coming on Thursday’s episode.

Also ahead on Wednesday’s show, Brooke will be admitting to Bill that she can’t handle working with him every day at Spencer Publications. As viewers saw on Tuesday, Brooke is doing a lot of reminiscing of her former romance with Bill, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that she is about to make a big move toward Bill, despite his being married to her sister.

It seems that Bill and Brooke will do some talking about their past, and soon Brooke tries to initiate a kiss with Bill. How will he react? Could Brooke’s trip down memory lane cause significant problems in Bill and Katie’s relationship?

While B&B is pre-empted on Friday, there is a new episode airing on Thursday. Brooke faces some questions from Katie, while Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease another confrontation coming between Ivy and Steffy. Liam will be urging Steffy to stay away from Ivy, but someone is about to be injured in this fresh confrontation, and that will set the stage for even more drama.

Will Liam and Ivy end up together again, and could Wyatt and Steffy be pairing up soon? Fans can’t wait to see where this all heads as the drama continues on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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