Eileen Davidson Admits Bringing Up Lisa Rinna’s Munchausen Convo To Yolanda Foster Was A Mistake, Lisa Tweets Eileen

Eileen Davidson, actress and reality TV star

Eileen Davidson admits that she should’ve kept her mouth shut. In her latest Bravo TV blog post, posted on Tuesday night after the latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode aired, Eileen said that she didn’t mean to reveal to Yolanda Foster what Lisa Rinna had previously said about her Lyme disease.

Eileen explained that when the group was together and Yolanda brought up Taylor Armstrong’s questioning of her illness, she mistakenly thought Yolanda was talking about what Lisa R. had said. Eileen explained that she talked about what Lisa R. said because she wanted to defend Lisa R., who wasn’t there, and to get things out in the open.

“During drinks at the Sofitel, Yolanda brought up Taylor questioning her illness to Lisa R. I misunderstood! I assumed she heard about what Lisa R. had said at LVP’s when we met the ponies, so I jumped in with damage control. I thought, ‘Lisa R. is out of town and hasn’t gotten to talk and apologize to Yo yet.’ So I felt it was my job, as both of their friends, to explain…please believe me, if I had known Yo was only hearing about what Taylor had said, I would have never brought it up. Especially when I saw how uncomfortable this information made her. I would have left that convo for Lisa R. to have. My only intention was to help.”

As viewers saw on the latest episode, all of the women, sans Lisa R. who was on a family vacation in Canada, gathered to meet new cast member Erika Girardi. Eventually, Yolanda brought up that she heard that Taylor talked about her illness, referring to Taylor saying during Ken Todd’s birthday party that she is confused by Yolanda’s “sick selfie[s], happy selfie[s]” and believes her to be misdiagnosed. For some reason, Eileen, despite Yolanda specifically saying Taylor’s name, thought she was talking about what Lisa R. said.

“No what it was, Lisa found herself in some kind of conversation about what you’re going through. I’m sure you’re aware of that. Are you? People are saying they don’t really know what it is or they’re not sure if it’s for real, whatever. Lisa got caught in some kind of conversation where it got misconstrued.”

As Eileen talked, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump grew alarmed. While Eileen didn’t actually tell Yolanda that Lisa Rinna had brought up the possibility to Kyle and Lisa V. that Yolanda might have Munchausen syndrome, she did reveal to Yolanda that Lisa R. was talking about her, something that she did not previously know. In her interview, Eileen said that Lisa R. feels guilty about talking negatively about Yolanda’s illness and should fess up to her.

As the scene aired, Eileen tweeted that she put her foot in her mouth.

She later admitted that she was trying to do damage control upon realizing her mistake.

How does Lisa R. feel about Eileen, her friend, letting the cat out of the bag? As the episode aired, Lisa R. did send some playful tweets to Eileen. Lisa R. sent some affectionate emoijs to Eileen after Eileen asked for a birthday present.

Lisa R. also joked with Eileen about her getting her private area waxed and filming it for the show.

Yet those tweets were sent prior to the scene of Eileen telling Yolanda talked Lisa R. talked about her was aired. In her own blog post covering the latest episode, Lisa R. left a brief holiday message to the viewers and told people to re-read what she wrote earlier, directing people to her blog post from last week that stated that she does believe Yolanda is suffering from Lyme disease.

Will viewers see Yolanda Foster confronting Lisa Rinna about her Munchausen suggestion in a future episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Will Lisa R. confront Eileen Davidson about telling Yolanda? Considering the show’s history of dramatic confrontations, the show’s producers likely made sure that those scenes happened.

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