Kylie Jenner Says She Plans to Leave Instagram When She Gives Birth

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner says she plans to leave Instagram when she has a child, Us Weekly reports. The 18-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star broke the news during a recent interview with Elle UK for the cover story.

Kylie Jenner currently has 46.5 million followers on Instagram, and she collectively got over a billion likes on her photos during 2015. But she’s willing to delete her entire social media empire for one reason and one reason only: her child.

“Once I have a kid, I’m not going to be on Instagram,” Jenner said during the interview. “You know, I’ll probably delete my Instagram and just… I don’t know, live life.”

Kylie also opened up about how she envisions her future and what she’ll be like when she’s a lot older.

“I would love to have a family,” she said. “And build a home with a farm in Malibu Canyon and just have my kids and throw away my phone, and just really, like, live my life and not do this anymore.”

It’s a strange admission for someone whose social media influence is so huge.

Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner were named two of Time Magazine’s most influential teens this year. During a Q&A with Time, she reflected on her social media pull and the backlash they receive from being called influential.

“People might have been upset because we were next to, like, young girls who started schools and crazy things. But we’re just different people!” she said during the Q&A. “We’re influential in different ways, and that’s okay.”

But Jenner also maintains that she’s become accustomed to having her life played out in the public eye, although she does want to have a “normal life” one day.

“All the time. I dream about it,” she said about living about living a normal life. “I never wish to have somebody else’s life — I was meant to have this life for a reason, and I’m going to make the best out of it. But I have normal friends. I sit at my house, and they practically live with me, and I watch them get ready to go to a high school party, hang out with their friends, go to concerts.”

Although she says that she longs for a normal life, fame has helped Kylie Jenner build a million dollar brand.

In November, Kylie Jenner lip kits sold out in minutes as fans clamored to replicate Kris Jenner’s youngest daughter’s famed lips. According to this article by the Huffington Post, Kylie announced the launch on social media, and when it opened to the public, the lip kits were snapped up by all of Kylie Jenner’s eager fans. Everything sold out in minutes; in fact, some media outlets reported that the Kylie Jenner lip kits sold out in under one minute. Later, the kits were sold on eBay for $300 to as high as $10,000, according to Refinery 29. The Daily Mail reports that one fan even got the Kylie Jenner lip kit logo tattooed on her body.

The Kylie Jenner lipstick kit contains three shades of brown: Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown. The kit also comes with a three-step system that shows buyers how to get lips just like Kylie’s.

During the interview with Elle UK, Kylie also opened up about how Justin Bieber helped her to deal with all of the cyber bullying she gets on a daily basis. Both Justin and Kylie grew up in the spotlight, she says, so they’re able to lean on each other when things get tough.

“I’m so close to him because I feel like he’s been through exactly what I’ve been through in a completely different way but very similar,” she said. “So, he’s just… he just… he gets me, and every time I see him he always sits me down and is like, ‘Are you OK? You’re amazing. You can get through this, just stay true to yourself.’

As E! Online reports, Kylie Jenner also admitted in her Elle UK article that her relationship with Caitlyn Jenner is also a lot better now. Now that Caitlyn is being honest about her true self, their relationship has improved

“It’s an honest relationship, you know? I feel like you can’t build a strong relationship if there are secrets,” she says. “Everything’s out in the open and now we’re closer. I feel like we want to hang out more. I think there was always something on her mind before she transitioned.”

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]