The Secret World Launch Is A Resounding Success

Well gamers, the big day finally arrived. The long awaited launch of The Secret World began with a resounding success today, Friday June 29, 2012. Players who made the decision to pre-order the game were given the privilege of four days of early access before the official launch on July 3, 2012. Servers were packed with excited players from the very first moment and they were treated to one of the most trouble free launches in online gaming history.

Early access has been a tradition in the online gaming industry and the folks at Funcom made sure to pull out all the stops to reward players who made the decision to buy the game in advance. In addition to the four day head-start, players who pre-ordered were given a virtual goodie bag full of useful items to help them get off to a smooth start playing The Secret World.

Pre-order customers were offered 3 different bonus packs to purchase, ranging from the 14.99$ Initiate Pack all the way up to the Grand Master Pack for 140.00$ that includes a lifetime subscription to the game. All three bonus packs contain unique clothing items, buffed gear to use in the game and some really cool pets that not only keep the player company but add to the player’s stats and survivability.

As my fellow Inquisitr journalist, Daniel McCall, mentioned this afternoon in his article, I have been following The Secret World from its early days in development. I was able to play in the press beta, closed beta and open beta weekends. My experience watching the game grow from Ragnar Tornquist’s dream of a totally unique MMORPG to a fully realized game has been a joyous one. I have had the pleasure of participating in the development of a truly original new world for online gamers to explore and experience.

Today’s early access began at 11 AM CST and happily, the launch went off without a hitch. Unlike many other highly anticipated big name games, it was obvious that The Secret World was actually ready to make it debut. The content is in place and the quests are all functioning. The game is bug free, lag free and players were spared the misery of unexpected crashes and hot fixes every 15 minutes. The first day of early access was an absolute triumph.

While the game content can be enjoyed by a solo player, The Secret World is built around the struggle for world dominance between 3 competing secret societies and joining a Cabal (guild) will certainly enhance your enjoyment of the game. I was incredibly lucky to be invited to join an established Cabal named Lethality on the Cerberus server. This cabal has been around for several years in other online games and already has over 50 members, all chomping at the bit to dominate the The Secret World. Certainly having a group of experienced gamers to team up with will allow me to get every ounce of enjoyment from The Secret World.

You still have 3 days left until the open launch of The Secret World on July 3rd, 2012. If you are looking for an exciting, unique MMORPG to brighten up your summer gaming experience, you really should give The Secret World a try. No cute little elves and pandas in this game. Just tons of original content with a completely new system of character development and totally awesome monsters. The Secret World is a world unlike any you have seen before. Get a copy, join a secret society and explore the mysteries of the ages in The Secret World.

Note: I would like to personally thank Ragnar Tornquist and Erling Ellingsen at Funcom for giving me unrestricted access to The Secret World. I have rarely had such a positive working experience as I have had working with the team at Funcom. They are true professionals and all around good people.