‘Gossip Girl’ Kelly Rutherford’s Ex-Husband Sues ‘Vanity Fair’

The Kelly Rutherford/Daniel Giersch drama just doesn’t seem to go away. This month, Kelly Rutherford lost her final attempt to regain custody of her two children, Helena and Hermes, with ex-husband Daniel Giersch, and now, as a result of their custody battle, Daniel Giersch has filed suit against Vanity Fair. Rutherford can only visit her children in Monaco or France, but cannot bring them to the United States or anywhere else.

According to the Inquisitr, Rutherford filed an emergency appeal after finding out that she would be denied access to her children outside France and Monaco. Rutherford was once again unsuccessful, largely because the last time she had the children in the United States, she refused to give her children back to their father, Daniel Giersch. This convinced the judge that Rutherford could not be trusted.


Perez Hilton is reporting that Daniel Giersch has filed suit against Vanity Fair on the basis that the magazine made “defamatory assertions” about Giersch, and he is not happy. The suit bars Vanity Fair from writing anything defamatory about Giersch, and if they do, they will be fined $275k for each offense. Sources say that Giersch is unhappy with the way he has been treated by the magazine.

“Apparently, the mogul was upset by some comments Kel made about the ex-couple’s custody case over their two children, Helena and Hermes. Not only did Daniel claim he was the one to file for divorce and not the other way around, but he also says her allegation about not filing for full custody initially is a lie.”

No doubt Rutherford will be dragged back into this case too. Though no longer speaking, Rutherford and Giersch can’t seem to stay away from each other.


The Daily Mail says that Giersch is taking offense to an article about his custody battle with Rutherford that was in the November issue of Vanity Fair. A judge in Hamburg granted an injunction on December 21 barring the magazine from disseminating information about Giersch in print and online. Giersch’s Hamburg attorney Oliver Scherenberg shared the plan for further lawsuits if Vanity Fair does not comply in order to protect the Giersch children.

“‘The children of our client must have an opportunity to grow up in peace and to be shielded from the glare of the public eye,’ the press release stated. ‘This means that they should not have to read falsehoods in the press about their father.'”

Daniel Giersch was granted full custody of Helena and Hermes earlier this month by a Monaco judge.


Jezebel shared the press release put out by Oliver Scherenberg on behalf of Giersch, calling out Vanity Fair for unfair treatment.

“Our client, Daniel Giersch, has had to repeatedly endure in recent years numerous assertions that were untrue and completely fabricated. This needs to come to an end, now. Our client has suffered significant injury to his reputation due to these untrue and defamatory assertions, against which he is now defending himself. The actions taken against the false assertions published in Vanity Fair are only the beginning.”

Giersch is also taking offense to quotes attributed to Kelly Rutherford that says that she ended the marriage to Giersch, which he insists are untrue.

Do you understand why Daniel Giersch is taking on Vanity Fair in this lawsuit?

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