Anonymous Vows To Get Steven Avery Of ‘Making A Murderer’ Out Of Jail

The new Netflix show, Making a Murderer, is a huge hit, and now everyone is talking about if Steven Avery is really guilty or not. It turns out that the group, Anonymous, wants to get Steven and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, both out of jail. Anonymous is a huge group, and if they want to do this, it is very possible that it just might happen. Zap2It shared that this group is now speaking out about their plans for Steven Avery. Multiple people on Twitter are claiming to be part of the group and revealing that they want Steven and Brendan both out of jail.

Anonymous is even saying that they have evidence that could have changed the outcome of the 2005 murder trial of Teresa Halbach. This is the crime that Steven Avery is behind bars for now. The group is attacking Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department’s Sgt. Andrew Colborn and Lt. James Lenk and basically calling them corrupt. They feel like Steven Avery is behind bars for a crime that he did not commit.

The group says that they have phone records to release that will help out Steven Avery in his case. There will also be a list of evidence coming out from Anonymous. They have plans to release this today, and that is when a lot of things could change for Steven Avery. The alleged phone conversations are said to be between Colborn and Lenk. Both are actually speculated to have planted evidence against Steven Avery, which now has him behind bars for a murder that some believe he is not guilty of doing.

Avery’s own civil suit against the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department came about at the same time that Steven Avery was convicted of this murder. This was all after Avery was released from jail for another crime that he actually didn’t commit. Here is what Steven Avery’s lawyer had to say about the chances that he will get out of jail.

“I think the realistic chances for Steven are slim but not vanished or nonexistent and I think they lie under the heading of new evidence, which would either be someone coming forward, someone admitting something, someone revealing a secret they’ve been carrying that would point in another direction or an advance in scientific testing so that the blood and the EDTA (discovered in Halbach’s car) can be revisited.”

If Anonymous can really come up with new evidence, it sounds like there is a good chance that Steven Avery could end up getting out of jail once again. The fact that Netflix made this show Making a Murderer has really helped Avery in his case, because now he has other people on his side trying to help him out.

Maxim shared that a lot of people are upset over Steven Avery being in jail, and are still fighting for him. Actually, a lot of people are going crazy on the Yelp page for the prosecutor and sharing their thoughts on the fact that Steven Avery is behind bars. A lot of people feel like Ken Kratz, a former prosecutor, is to blame for Steven being in jail, and they are voicing their thoughts. Now, his firm has a rating of 1.5 because of how upset people are and they are not giving him five stars. Yelp realizes there is something going on and now has a warning on the page that says they can “remove both positive and negative posts that appear to be motivated more by the news coverage itself than the reviewer’s personal consumer experience with the business.”

Do you think that Steven Avery should be behind bars? Do you have hopes that Avery will somehow get out of prison in the future? Sound off in the comments below and you can watch Making a Murderer on Netflix. The entire 10 episode season is on there now to see.

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