How ‘Harry Potter’ Star Daniel Radcliffe Turned Fame Into £60 Million Fortune

It’s no surprise that the Harry Potter movie franchise netted its lead actor a tidy paycheck, but financial documents reveal something that may be surprising: Radcliffe not only hasn’t blown his fortune, he’s growing it.

When the first Harry Potter movie hit the big screen in November 2001, Radcliffe was just 10-years-old. Now 26 and with a growing list of movies and theatrical performances since the final Harry Potter movie, his bank account is looking pretty healthy to the tune of more than £60 million, according to the Mirror.

He leaves it to the professionals.

Radcliffe isn’t much for numbers, he told the Telegraph. He credits his mom and “brilliant” financial advisors with the fact that his bank account is about two times fatter than his co-stars’ (although, their individual net worth is nothing to wave a wand at).

But as for himself, does he pay attention to his ledger?

“I do not, no. I hear things said, but I don’t know if any of them are true. And I never want to seem ungrateful for it all, but the money is not a motivating factor in my life,” he said.

“I would be the last person who should be left in charge of it, frankly. Because I am so terrible at maths. Not that I’d blow it or anything, but I just wouldn’t do anything with it.”

His parents created Gilmore Jacobs, Ltd. in 2000 in preparation for managing their son’s Harry Potter paychecks. Radcliffe’s parents are still listed as the directors of the artistic creation company, and his mother also serves as company secretary, according to Company Data Rex.

He plays his cards right.

Although the Harry Potter franchise is still going strong, Radcliffe moved on immediately to other work, including critically acclaimed theatrical performances. For his hard work, he was honored with a star on Hollywood’s famous walk of fame in November – in spite of recent Hollywood flops.

Radcliffe is also famously humble and makes sure to let his fans know he appreciates being appreciated.

Radcliffe not only stays in the game as an actor, he evidently invests with intention, reports the Telegraph. His company holdings including multiple properties in New York and London, as well as an impressive art collection adding to the Harry Potter wunderkind’s overall net value.

He cultivates smart lifestyle habits.

We’re all human, and even the boy wizard has worked through his share of struggles with alcohol addiction following the end of the Harry Potter series filming, as he told WTF.

Recognizing the danger of the habit, he’s found it easier to invest in other types of social drinking in the United States, he told the podcast’s host, Marc Maron.

“Even at work, people in America go, ‘Hey, do you want to go out for a coffee?’ ‘What? Yeah, I suppose I do.’ That’s what I can do now. It’s very different.”

But don’t take his word for it.

The last thing Radcliffe wants anyone to do is to look to him, personally, as a role model, he told MTV News as the Harry Potter series was wrapping up in 2011. He would much prefer his fans look up to Harry Potter the character as the boy who becomes a man to emulate.

“The thing I always say and I’ve often said in interviews, I think if people want a role model, Harry Potter’s a very, very good role model. And he’s something that won’t change,” Radcliffe said. “He’ll be fixed in that permanent lovely way, and so those are the role models you want.

“I’m gonna grow old and get fat and stuff, and so you don’t want to make me a role model.”

In any case, the star certainly hasn’t dissuaded any Harry Potter fans from unloading their wallets on franchise keepsakes.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]