Kylie Jenner Engaged: Rumors Continue Amid Cheating Claims Against Tyga

Is Kylie Jenner engaged to rapper Tyga? Although the pair have been dating for some time now, and Kylie Jenner recently debuted a $33,000 ring from her man, the couple is not yet ready to tie the knot.

As the New York Daily News reported on December 27, Kylie Jenner denied her alleged engagement on her app on Saturday. The site also noted that while Kylie Jenner and Tyga began dating in 2014, they didn’t go public until after her 18th birthday in August due to Tyga being so much older than she is (he turned 26 last month).

On Christmas, Tyga reportedly presented Kylie Jenner with the stunning diamond ring, and a short time later, Kylie Jenner debuted the rock on social media, and noted her holiday as “sparkly” in a statement shared on her app.

“Every year my Mom throws a huge Christmas Eve party and this year’s was so fun (and sparkly)!” Kylie Jenner wrote, according to a report by Hollywood Life. “It was really special to end such a big year celebrating with all of my friends and family … and with an extra special gift from a special someone.”

In addition to not being engaged, Kylie Jenner is facing plenty of rumors regarding her boyfriend’s allegedly shady ways. Weeks after the couple split briefly, a source claimed they are only together because Kylie Jenner is afraid of what her boyfriend may reveal if she breaks up with him permanently.

“[Kylie Jenner]’s big fear is that he’ll sell his interviews to the highest bidder and spill all the dirt on her and the entire family,” an insider told Radar Online on December 28. “That’s the only reason he’s still around.”

While most celebrity relationships include a confidentiality clause, the source claimed Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend has signed nothing, allowing him to share anything he pleases, whenever he pleases. In fact, the source claimed that even if a confidentiality agreement was in place, Tyga likely wouldn’t care.

In addition, claimed the source, Kylie Jenner is reportedly concerned about “some racy footage” they recorded, as well as private photos that Tyga allegedly has in his possession.

“Right now [Kylie Jenner]’s just hoping against hope that Tyga’ll finally leave her alone and make it a clean break. Things between them are so screwed up right now, it’s not even funny.”

As Kylie Jenner continues on with her relationship, Tyga has been accused of being unfaithful to the reality star. After he allegedly attempted to get back with his ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna, behind Kylie Jenner’s back, by reportedly sending text messages to her, claiming he wanted his family back, the rapper was accused of hooking up with a transgender model Mia Isabella, which he denied.

Also denying Tyga’s alleged cheating was Isabella herself, who spoke to Hollywood Life about the reports.

“I read reports of this being seen as cheating, but not to my knowledge,” Isabella told the website of the reportedly false rumors. “True, he asked me to meet his ex [Blac Chyna] and hang out with the two of them numerous times so I assumed she knew about me even though I chose not to meet her.”

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[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]