Josh Duggar Loses Mike Huckabee’s Support, Sees His Family For Christmas [Video]

Josh Duggar criticized by Mike Huckabee

Josh Duggar did get to see his family for Christmas! The Duggar family plane reportedly landed near the Rockford, Illinois, treatment center Reformers Unanimous, and took off 24 hours later. Josh Duggar has been allowed visitors for some time by the treatment center, but has not been regularly seeing his wife and four children as he recovers from his pornography addiction.

On Christmas Eve, John-David Duggar, who has his pilot’s license, took off from the family’s hometown of Springdale, Arkansas, and touched down in Rockford with an unidentified woman with long hair, presumably to visit Josh Duggar. Although it’s not clear who it was, it most likely was Anna, who is rumored to have brought Josh Duggar’s infant daughter, Meredith Grace, to see her daddy. Michelle Duggar has a similar hairstyle, so Josh might have gotten a visit from his mother.

According to the Rockford Scanner, a local site, John-David Duggar and the woman were seen loading into a white van at the airport. They stayed for 24 hours before leaving the center.

Although it was the Christmas holiday, Reformers Unanimous insiders revealed prior to the holiday that Josh would get a special meal on the holiday, but would still be required to attend meetings to continue his rehabilitation. There are no days off at the faith-based rehab center!

Anna has made it clear she has no plans to divorce Josh, and instead wants her marriage to remain intact. In on-camera interviews during the series Jill And Jessa: Counting On, Anna Duggar said that she’s asked for God’s guidance about her marriage, and believes she should continue to support Josh. She is reportedly living with Jim-Bob and Michelle as Josh receives treatment, and considers the current scandals part of God’s plan.

The future of the Duggar clan remains unclear. With Jill And Jessa: Counting On complete, Josh Duggar and the rest of the family are currently off air. According to several Facebook groups, they should remain off air because they trivialized child molestation by sweeping the Josh Duggar scandals under the carpet for so many years.

Although the network came under fire for permitting the Duggar family back on air, TLC defended the decision, admitting that although the Josh Duggar scandals brought down one of the most famous reality television families in the world, the girls, Jill and Jessa, deserved to tell their side of the story and wrap up their time on TLC positively.

Duggar family critics largely viewed Jill And Jessa: Counting On as a way for the Duggars and TLC to capitalize on the Josh Duggar scandals, which the three-part series largely centered on. Although the network promised the show would follow Jessa and Jill as they transitioned to adulthood and motherhood, the series brought out Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar’s brothers and younger sisters to talk about the molestation and adultery scandals.

Unfortunately, because he was found violating the family values he once rallied for in Washington, DC, Josh Duggar lost his supporters. A long time Duggar advocate, GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee pulled his support from Josh recently.

Huckabee came under fire for sharing on his Facebook page that although Josh Duggar’s actions were “inexcusable,” Josh molesting his sisters and cheating on his wife was not “unforgivable.”

When asked how he could defend Josh Duggar by Iowa radio host Simon Conway, Huckabee retorted that he “really didn’t support Josh,” reports Newsmax. According to the presidential candidate, he “supported his parents, if you’ll go back and look at what I said. There’s no support for what he did.”

Although it appears Huckabee initially supported Josh, he pointed out that he’s changed his opinion. Mike Huckabee admitted that “as more things came out, what he did was despicable, it was dishonest.”

Agreeing that Josh Duggar is a hypocrite, the presidential candidate said that Josh “did some things that totally defy everything he supposedly stood for. But he certainly defied what his parents not only have stood for, but continue to.”

What do you think? Should his family have visited Josh Duggar during the holiday? Is Mike Huckabee still throwing support at the Duggars? Comment below!

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