WWE News: Kurt Angle Confident He’ll Be Going Into The WWE Hall Of Fame, Wants To Wrestle With WWE Again

Pro wrestling legend Kurt Angle may be closer to retirement than most of us believe, but don’t tell him that. Angle is done with TNA, so his next match, if he does have one, might only happen in one place: WWE. Angle was one of WWE’s top stars back in the day and left WWE when he was considered their top star. He actually signed a new deal with them that was quite lucrative. Vince McMahon was nice enough to let Angle out of his deal in hopes that time off would serve him well.

Vince thought Angle would come back, so cutting him loose was never a second thought for the chairman. Nearly 10 years later, Kurt Angle has not set foot in a WWE ring again. Angle has dropped hints that he would love to come back, but the way he left was not like others. People like Jeff Hardy left when his deal was up with WWE years ago.

The Dudley’s were cut loose, Matt Hardy was released a little before his WWE deal was set to end, and Ken Anderson was also released due to a stupid situation with a ticked-off Vince McMahon. Angle is really the only one who left WWE high and dry and went to TNA. All the men previously mentioned do have a shot at coming back to WWE in the future, and some already have. However, Kurt Angle is another story. This is especially true after his issues over the years with alcohol.

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While Angle has not had a problem with the law for some time now, he is a risk to some. While TNA would love to keep him, Angle feels that he has done all he can there and would like to move on. Like many, he wants to finish his career where it truly started: in the WWE.

Kurt Angle has been pretty vocal about a return to the company, telling people that talked to Triple H about a return. While nothing was ever done, many feel that WWE might bring Angle back eventually despite the problems he left WWE in when he left abruptly nearly a decade ago.

According to Cageside Seats, Angle is pretty confident about a WWE Hall of Fame nod eventually as well. He’s been telling people when it come to the HOF that “it’s just a matter of when.” Clearly, Kurt Angle deserves a Hall of Fame nod for his work with WWE, as he won just about every championship one could win. He was also seen as one of the best wrestlers in the world and tHE best at some points in his career. He had legendary matches and rivalries with the likes of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Chris Benoit, and others.

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While Angle deserves an HOF nod, it is uncertain when it will come. The chances of it happening might increase if WWE goes toward the northeast for WrestleMania in the next few years. While Minnesota was at the top of the list for WrestleMania 33, there is a big chance another place gets the nod next year. It is uncertain where WWE will go, but we are set to find out within the next few months, similar to how we found out about Dallas last time.

If they go to a northern area again, there are chances that Angle could go into the WWE Hall of Fame there. If they are anywhere near New York, there is a huge opportunity. As for an in-ring return for Angle, it is uncertain if WWE will ever allow him to wrestle again. However, the Royal Rumble is in Orlando next month, where Angle happens to live.

With that being said, Kurt Angle could make a shock return like Bubba Ray Dudley did earlier this year. While this is not confirmed, it would not be surprising to see WWE do something big for the event like this.

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