‘The Sims 4’ Developers Show Off Club Flexibility With Unique Example Clubs

In the latest expansion to The Sims 4, players can create and manage Clubs. This new gameplay element introduced in "Get Together" lets Sims organize, thanks to common interest or traits. While participating in a Club hangout, Sims will opt to please the Club rather than their own interests giving them an opportunity to act completely out of character.

Of course, what happens within a Club is completely dependent on the Club itself. After all, players have a wide range of options available to them when creating a Club in The Sims 4. Players looking for a little inspiration on what kind of Clubs to make can find a lengthy list of example Clubs straight from Sims Gurus on the official site. The list is a perfect place to see how flexible Clubs can be in "Get Together" while offering up some interesting ideas.

For example, members of the Lumberjacks Anonymous Club gather together to enjoy woodworking, having a drink, and grilling. Sims need at least two points in their Handiness skill to join and, when the Club meets, the members wear flannel shirts and jeans. A kid-only Club called The Menacing Rascals, on the other hand, chooses to be mischievous and play with toys. This Club does not want its members completing any homework assignments, though.

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Overthrow a Club leader in The Sims 4 [Image via The Sims 4]Each Club created can have a set of rules for its members must follow. Additionally, certain activities, like not doing homework, can be banned by the Club creator. Each Club has a leader and players can even attempt to overthrow the leader in a dramatic coup. There are plenty of ways to customize a Club in The Sims 4. The name, icon, requirements, dress code, activities, vibes, and more can be customized to give Sims a new way to socialize. Clubs even have their own point system letting Club members unlock new boosts and bonuses available to them while hanging out with their Club. Successful hangouts for a Club will eventually let a player earn enough Club Points to spend on a Club vibe. The selected vibe will then immediately set the mood for Club members as soon as the Club gets together. Be sure to check out the various ways to make a Club truly unique available on the official site.

"Get Together" adds a number of build and buy objects to The Sims 4 as well. For instance, many build items to create the perfect Tudor home are included in the expansion. Clubs are just one small part of the expansion that also includes the new DJ and Dancing skills, the new world of Windenburg, and the new café and pool venues. The expansion is available now via Origin for a price of $40.

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Enjoy the pool venue in The Sims 4 [Image via The Sims 4]As the game expands, developers are also quick to update The Sims 4 with patches and fixes for free. "Get Together" added a new world, new skills, and new gameplay but the latest patches improved other aspects of the game that everyone can enjoy. Most recently, Sims' reactions to death and fire were updated to be more realistic for any Sim involved. Sims will now react to fires more appropriately with the first Sim to notice working to let other Sims know what is happening. Reactions to the Grim Reaper were also improved, according to The Inquisitr, with new interactions available if a Sim is able to convince the Reaper to postpone the death.

The Sims 4, its first expansion pack, and the two available game packs are currently on sale. As part of the Holiday Sale going on now in the Origin store, the base game is half off at $30. The first game expansion "Get To Work" is 25 percent off while "Outdoor Retreat" and "Spa Day" are each $15. The sale, as seen on the Origin website, will last until January 5.

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