Charlie Sheen Explains Why He Didn’t Call Police Over $10 Million Extortion

Though Charlie Sheen is lashing out at those who threatened to expose his secret, he still thinks he was correct to pay out extortion payments, totaling $10 million in extortion to keep his HIV diagnosis under wraps. He also thinks he was correct not to get the police involved in the financial shake down.

According to the Inquisitr, Charlie Sheen has some nasty things to say about the folks whose company he used to pay for, including prostitutes and porn stars. Sheen has called these people unsavory, but he surrounded himself with them for years. Former fiancée Brett Rossi is now in a social media and legal war with Sheen over accusations of violence, and Rossi says that Sheen forced her to have an abortion because he feared that his HIV would create a deformed baby.

The Mirror is reporting that Charlie Sheen has no regrets over his extortion payments.

“I was trying to protect my privacy. I didn’t want to be forced into revealing my condition based on somebody else’s greed or folly,” he told Radar.

“I still believe, at the time with what was going on, it was the right decision (to pay the people off).”

Sheen says he paid off about 10 different people over the years. He also said that his diagnosis left him angry.

“Myself, the world. But that didn’t last long. It was shortly afterwards — I think it was the second day — I said to my mom, ‘This disease picked the wrong guy.’ “

But it seems that Charlie Sheen is regaining his cocky attitude, because despite the fact that he never graduated from high school, he believes he will cure HIV/AIDS. Perhaps with tiger blood?

“If anybody can fight this thing and discover a cure, it’s me. I will exhaust every resource available to me. I will sit with every expert. I will move forward until something’s revealed.”

In a one-on-one interview with Radar Online, reported by Dylan Howard, Charlie Sheen talked making big payments to former friends who shook him down.

“They didn’t fully reveal themselves to be unsavory and insipid types until after they broke my trust and went after me. It seems like everyone was having a grand old time until it went treasonous.”

But Sheen confirms that he believes he did the right thing in making payments.

“I was trying to protect my privacy. I didn’t want to be forced into revealing my condition based on somebody else’s greed or folly.”

But why didn’t he finally go to the police?

“Of course, I thought about it. But then reports would have been filed and discovered. All that stuff would have violated the whole privacy part of it, in the end.”

The Inquisitr says that one good thing has come out of Charlie Sheen’s situation: he now knows that he needs to be more responsible in his personal life, and says he has given up illicit drugs.

“I should have been more responsible and more concerned for myself.”

Sheen also has found that he is grateful for the advantages he has received, rather than being bitter about his diagnosis.

“I’m grateful for everything I’ve been able to do in life,” said Sheen, who vowed to keep working in Hollywood. “I’ve made a lot of people laugh and see the world differently through me. Now, maybe it’s time to change the world.”

Do you think Charlie Sheen should have paid off all of those people?

[Photo by Matt Sayles/AP Photo]