Morgan Freeman’s alleged affair… with his step-granddaughter

The National Enquirer is reporting that Morgan Freeman is accused of an affair with his step-granddaughter in his ongoing divorce.

Freeman, 72, has been involved with the upbringing of E’Dena Hines, 27, since she was young. But apparently he’s from the Woody-Soon Yi school of parenting, because the alleged affair began when E’Dena was still a teenager.

E’Dena confessed the whole thing to Freeman’s wife Myrna Colley-Lee, who admits their marriage was open. E’Dena confirmed a tryst in a California hotel room and the subsequent sending of naughty cellphone pics to the septugenarian actor in lieu of sex.

The decade-long affair even proved to be a bit much for Morgan’s long-time mistress, who also couldn’t handle the squicky pair. E’Dena has been Morgan’s “date” for many high-profile Hollywood events, including the premiere of The Dark Knight.

[Image: LA Times]