John Mayer Has Eye on Jennifer Lawerence

Even though John Mayer was just telling Ellen DeGeneres that he would only focus on his new album Born and Raised, and creating more music, it looks like Mayer is up to his old tricks again.

Sources have said that Mayer is very much interested in Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, who just so happens to be a whopping 12-years younger than the crooner. The pair was spotted dining out at the Medieval Times themed restaurant in Los Angeles, which is home to Lawrence full time. Since creating his new album Mayer has said the divides his time up between Los Angeles and Montana.

According to a source Jennifer Lawrence and John Mayer “were playful and nudging shoulders.” The pair also dined out with a large group of 20 pals, so you can bet there was no intimacy vibes during this supposed date. During the dinner a staffer had said Mayer was joking around implying he wanted to get Lawrence drunk, with the staffer adding, “ [Mayer] kept telling the waitress to get her more beers as a joke.”

It was said that Jennifer wasn’t exactly rejecting Mayer’s flirty behavior, the Hunger Games star, “laughed about it.” However, according to another source they said the pair weren’t more than friends and that chances were very “slim.” Currently the actress is dating actor Nicholas Hoult. A source even went on to say that “Nick thinks her flirting was funny. He trusts Jennifer.”

Here’s hoping Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t break any hearts.