Alec Baldwin Freaks Out On Another Photographer

Alec Baldwin has done gone and lost his mind. Just one week after he allegedly punched a photographer outside of a New York court house the 30 Rock star was captured on video moments ago as he grabbed another guy in the middle of the street, squeezed his arm and told him to scram.

It is not clear what caused this most recent transgression to go down however the paparazzi community have been all over Baldwin since last weeks photographer attack.

This time around Baldwin was carrying a pink stuffed animal when he approached a group of photogs who were stationed outside of his apartment building. Baldwin then proclaimed:

“I want you to shut the f**k up … leave my neighbor alone … get outta here.”

Then in a moment of man vs. ape type dominance he got up in the paparazzi’s face and in his meanest Alec Baldwin is crazy voice proclaimed “You little girl.”

As the photographer tried to explain himself Alec Baldwin just turned around and walked back into his apartment building.

Baldwin may be frustrated with the increasing number of photographers he has had to deal with but his actions were none-the-less stupid as he is already being investigated by the NYPD for last weeks attack.

You can check out the captured video at TMZ.

In the meantime perhaps Alec Baldwin should seek some anger management courses before he does something truly stupid. First there was the Angry Birds airplane incident, then there was last weeks attack and now he’s running around like a madman in the streets. Perhaps Baldwin is getting his inspiration from 30 Rocks Tracy Jordan.