Meek Mill Threatening Drake In ‘Dreamchasers 4’ Preview? Rapper References Feud In New Snippet

Drake and Meek Mill aren’t shy when it comes to referencing their headline-making feud in their music, but it appears Meek Mill is ready to put Drake on blast in his upcoming Dreamchasers 4 mixtape.

Earlier this year, Meek Mill ignited a heated diss-track filled feud with Drake after the Philly rapper accused Drake of using a ghostwriter on their collaborative hit, “R.I.C.O.” Meek Mill’s claims prompted Drake to release two new songs referencing the ghostwriting accusations, “Charged Up” and the rumored Grammy nominated “Back To Back,” but it appears Meek Mill is still taking inspiration from his feud with Drake to help pen some new tracks for his own upcoming mixtape.

Just weeks after rumors began suggesting that Meek Mill would drop his highly-anticipated Dreamchasers 4 mixtape at the end of December, Meek Mill took to Snapchat on Sunday to preview a few snippets of what fans can expect from his new music.

DJ Akademiks took to Twitter on Sunday to share Meek Mill’s new snaps, telling followers that Meek Mill is “planning on erasing all L’s” if he ever runs into Drake in the future.

After sharing another video of Meek Mill’s Snapchat preview, DJ Akademiks tells followers that Meek Mill says he does “not f*** with these industry n*****” before explaining that Meek Mill should make a comeback by featuring “a bunch of party joints” on his new mixtape rather than directing all of his new material at his feud with Drake.

Meek Mill “I DO NOT F*ck with these Industry Neegas”

— DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) December 27, 2015

“I hope DC4 is a bunch of party joints like House Party, Burn, Levels and Monster…That’s how Meek Mill comes back,” DJ Akademiks writes, “Not rapping bout Drake.”

Similarly, Hot 97 also reports that in one of Meek Mill’s previews of Dreamchasers 4, Meek Mill says he’s going to “put a gun” in Drake if he ever confronts him about their feud.

The news comes just months after Meek Mill shared another snippet of his progress on Dreamchasers 4 to Instagram, seemingly addressing his “loss” to Drake in an untitled track, MTV reports.

“Couple them bodies get dropped and you n*****’ll tell / And I made an M in a week but they tellin’ me I took a L / Money, power, respect, eating breakfast on a jet,” Meek Mill raps in his preview for a new song.

While it’s clear that Meek Mill will be referencing his feud with Drake on his new mixtape, sources close to Drake suggest that the “Hotline Bling” rapper will also be taking some inspiration from their spat for his impending Views From The 6 album.

According to Billboard, a source close to Drake says that the rapper has been taking “a lot of fuel” from his recent dispute with Meek Mill to pen some new tracks for Views From The 6.

In addition to releasing two new singles in response to Meek Mill’s ghostwriting accusations, Drake also seemingly referenced his feud with Meek Mill on his collaborative mixtape with Future, titled, What A Time To Be Alive.

While Drake has not confirmed the rumored Meek Mill-inspired verses on his mixtape, Billboard reports that Drake seemingly disses Meek Mill in a variety of tracks including “Digital Dash,” “Big Rings,” “I’m The Plug,” and “30 for 30 Freestyle.”

Currently, rumors continue to suggest that Meek Mill’s new mixtape will arrive at the end of December, however, it’s unclear whether or not the release date will be impacted by Meek Mill’s recent probation violation.

Drake’s Views From The 6 has also not received a confirmed release date, but it is rumored to arrive sometime in early 2016.

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