Guns N' Roses Renews Their Appetite For Destruction Amid Reunion Rumors

Guns N' Roses has seen many different incarnations since their original 1985 line up, but, if rumors are true, fans may finally be getting their wish of a full-fledged reunion. Rumors and innuendos aside, even the band's own website seems to suggest that we may all get to see the original Guns N' Roses line up once again. At one time, this seemed an impossible dream to realize, but now, as band members reconcile and renew friendships that had seemed long dead, there may be some real life in these reunion rumors, after all.

Guns N' Roses Fuels Reunion Rumors And Whets Fans' Appetites For Destruction

Guns N Roses, Slash, Axl Rose
The Guns N Roses original line-up may once again tour. Image via Guns N Roses.

Currently, Axl Rose is the only original member still remaining an active member of the band, but it may not be long before Axl is rejoined by some old friends. A couple of very public moves made by Guns N' Roses suggests that the rumored reunion may not only be possible, but imminent.

The first move to suggest a reunion took place on Guns N' Roses' own website, when the current logo was replaced with the all too familiar band logo from the 80s. When Appetite for Destruction was released, it was with the soon-to-be-iconic logo of roses intertwined with two pistols. The band's logo has evolved over the years, just as the band itself has gone through its own changes, so many believe that the return to the original logo may symbolize a return to the original line-up as well.

Adding fuel to the reunion fire was a Guns N' Roses teaser, which aired during previews at Star Wars: The Force Awakens showings in theaters.


While the clip only seems to show the beginning of an earlier Guns N' Roses concert with Axl Rose leading the band into a rendition of "Welcome to the Jungle," the mere fact that it was previewed at the Star Wars film is already highly suggestive. Clearly, the band is preparing to share some big news with fans. A reunion tour, perhaps?

Slash On His Feud With Axl Rose: "We Don't Have All Those Issues Anymore"

Axl Rose, Slash
Axl Rose and Slash may be reuniting in the future. Image via Guns N Roses.

One of the major obstacles to a reunion of the original Guns N' Roses line-up has always been the feud between Axl Rose and Slash (formerly Saul Hudson), but the one-time lead guitarist says that he and Rose have patched things up.

"[Axl and I] haven't really talked in a long time. But a lot of the tension that you were talking about has dissipated," Slash said, previously. "We don't have all those issues anymore."

The former Guns N' Roses guitarist added that he would be open to a reunion if everyone else was up for it. He added that they would have to be doing a reunion for "the right reasons," though Slash didn't specify what those reasons might be.

Immediately following his departure from Guns N' Roses, Slash helped form the group Velvet Revolver, which also became home to Slash's fellow Guns N' Roses band mates Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, and Izzy Stradlin. Recently deceased Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland also co-founded Velvet Revolver.

After Slash left the band, Axl Rose continued on with the same band name, in spite of featuring several different line-ups. Through the intervening years, Axl's new Guns N' Roses only produced a single album, 2008's Chinese Democracy.

If Slash is planning to reunite with Guns N' Roses, it seems highly likely that he will also bring back those band members who had left with him to form Velvet Revolver.

Current speculation suggests that, if there is to be a reunion, the first fans will see of the original Guns N' Roses line-up will be at the California music festival, Coachella. The roster for the festival will be announced in January, 2016.

[Featured image by Guns N' Roses]