Blac Chyna And Former Best Friend Heather Sanders Battle It Out On Social Media

A battle has erupted on social media between former BFF's Heather Sanders and Blac Chyna, Tyga's ex. Sanders' and Chyna's feud started on Snapchat, and has been taken to Instagram today with a scornful post by Chyna, as reported by Hollywood Life.

The hostility began on December 26 on Snapchat when Blac thought that Heather was making fun of her. Sanders, who is dating the best friend of Chyna's ex, posted a Snapchat of herself and her boyfriend talking about hairlines. Blac immediately assumed that Heather was bashing her, so she fired back with her own Snapchats.

Chyna called Sanders and her boyfriend King Trell out on "throwing shade." Blac slammed Heather for having a "fat a** gut" and "big a** thighs." When Heather saw Blac's response, she posted a Snapchat saying, "We've been waiting for you baby girl." Sanders went on to insult Chyna's appearance as well, and said that she wasn't even talking about her ex-best friend's hairline in the first place.

"Why would I be talking about your hairline… I could start from your titties to your a**, inner thigh, knee, ankle, teeth, nose, eyebrow…"
After that brutal stab, Blac started to call Heather out on the times she tried to confront Heather, but she didn't show. Chyna said that she went once to Sanders' house, and another to one of Tyga's video shoots, but Sanders wouldn't come out.
"Your b***h a** didn't come outside."
Sanders argued back that she had already left the shoot when Chyna had showed up.

Then, Heather cut deep by calling Blac out for her insecurities, and for her personal issues.

"But all this because the shoe fit. Because you thought we were talking about you, and we weren't, so all this... You are so hurt. I know you are. So drunk and on drugs… You have all these houses, all these cars, but you are still so hurt and lonely inside. You're a f****d up person and it's sad."
Chyna responded to Sanders' low blow by showing off her curves on camera, and after getting all dressed up she told her that "maybe one day you too can look like this." Heather retorted by asking Blac if the only comeback she has is to insult her appearance. Chyna told Sanders that she actually thinks she's beautiful, then she offered to show Sanders "just how psychotic I really am." After telling Heather that her number is the same, Blac suggested that instead of fighting on social media, Heather call her and they finish it out in private. However, Sanders counters that by saying that if Chyna didn't want a public fight, she shouldn't have started one on Snapchat.
The two women go back and forth, and then Heather called Blac a "psycho b***h" and a "weirdo a** b***h". After that, things started to get personal. Sanders calls Chyna out for some past issues, Chyna responds with her own personal stab, and that ignites Sanders' temper. Though she told her viewers earlier on "don't ever think I'm mad about this b***h," Heather clearly gets angry at Blac's personal blows.
"Weak, scandalous a**, punk a** b***h. That's what the f**k you are."
The arguing continues for a few minutes, but Blac stays relatively calm while Heather grows angrier and shouts into the camera. The Snapchat feud finally ends, and Chyna says that when her mom sees it, she is going to "have a field day."

The day after the Snapchat fight, Chyna posted an Instagram with a picture of a blank piece of notebook paper, and a caption that reads, "a list of b*tches that scare me." Sanders' name isn't mentioned at all on the post, but it's safe to assume that it was aimed at her.

Heather Sanders
Blac Chyna posted this Instagram the day after her and Heather Sanders' fight. [Photo via BlacChyna/Instagram]It seems that though Blac Chyna was once best friends with Heather Sanders, the two won't be making up any time soon.

[Photo by Arnold Turner/Invision/AP]