Charlie Sly, Peyton Manning, His Wife And ‘The Dark Side’ HGH Doping Scandal – Watch ‘The Dark Side’ Online Now [Video]

The new documentary titled “‪Al Jazeera Investigates – The Dark Side” makes some explosive claims as it investigates doping in sports. Liam Collins is a British athlete who went undercover in Nassau, Bahamas, and Vancouver to unveil the dark side of doping. With names like Peyton Manning being linked to doping in The Dark Side, the documentary is receiving plenty of attention.

Doctors and others are providing average athletes with chemicals to make them super strong, claims The Dark Side. Peyton Manning is linked to performance-enhancing drugs, says The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers. As reported by the Huffington Post, Manning has denied using performance-enhancing drugs.


The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers isn’t set to air on Al Jazeera America until Sunday evening at 9 p.m. ET, but The Dark Side is already making a splash as folks are watching The Dark Side online.


Charlie Sly is the name of the Texas-based pharmacist who reportedly supplied Manning with drugs. As reported by Heavy, Sly claims he helped supply Peyton Manning with the drugs that helped Manning get over his 2011 neck injury.


There’s a bunch of football players who take these drugs, and baseball players, too, claim the allegations in The Dark Side. The YouTube video titled The Dark Side has received nearly 6,000 views since being uploaded to YouTube on December 26. In The Dark Side video, a variety of doctors claim they regularly provide athletes with a variety of performance-enhancing drugs.


They know how to get around the testing procedures, so the only way they’ll get caught is through an investigation, claims one doctor featured in The Dark Side.


Tim Montgomery is featured in The Dark Side. Montgomery set a world record of 9.78 seconds as he is seen dashing around the track. He was a poor child from Alabama who saw others get “souped up” with a shot of liquor or a line of cocaine prior to jumping on the line to run a race. Tim used performance-enhancing drugs and was caught in 2005, with his world record taken away. He was banned for two years.

“I don’t care what we have to do. I want to win. If you’re not first, you’re nothing.”

Liam Collins is a British athlete who is writing all about Tim’s life in his visit to the dark side of drugs, and how Tim got involved in performance-enhancing drugs. He smuggled testosterone inside red snapper that he first tasted in the Bahamas. Liam went to visit the same doctor that Tim said sold him drugs with hidden cameras in his bag.

“What’s your personal best?”

“50.3 for 400 hurdles”

Dr. Cyprian Strachan spoke with Liam and told him that he doesn’t do the banned stuff anymore, but he was able to pass on a new guy’s number. The doctor said that Dr. Nicholas Fox would be an “aggressive” guy who should be able to help out Liam with the growth hormone and other drugs from the dark side of sports.

“Insulin is not a problem. EPO I can get. A lot of athletes are on this. Well the Golden Girls…are mine — with traditional medicines.”

Later, Dr. Fox and Dr. Strachan told Al Jazeera English that they’ve never supplied performance-enhancing drugs. That trail grew cold, but moving on to Vancouver, Canada, proved fruitful when Liam continued on with his ruse as an athlete seeking one last shot at stardom.

Chad Robertson, a pharmacist, admitted to doping people; he had taken a guy with average genetics and made him into a super athlete. Liam and Chad met after Chad bragged about all the drugs he could get in The Dark Side.

“The oxidative free radicals, like NOS and ROS, and then you get dysfunctional mitochondria, very common in athletes. We’ll use some carbon as well.”

Drugs that are banned that reduce fat and increase muscle are discussed in The Dark Side.

“Your GH is low. I’ll put you on the Ipamorelin and GRF 1-29. Carbon 60 – the U.S. military is using it on the record.”

ProMed is a proposed business that treats athletes who don’t want to depend on their regular doctors. Brandon Spletzer appears as a naturopathic doctor in The Dark Side, who teaches Liam how to give himself an IV.

“Wellbutrin is no problem. Modafinil is no problem. The hCG is no problem. Oh, the Clomiphene was the other one I think.”

The doctors in The Dark Side advise their patients on how to get around traveling with testosterone, for example, when they advise Liam to tell the airline authorities that his prescription is for fertility issues. Bumping up his testosterone levels for fertility is one excuse used in The Dark Side.

With the explosive claims in The Dark Side, the documentary will likely continue to gain lots of attention.

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