Wicked Holiday Upgrades To Your Xbox One And PlayStation 4

These holidays, there are probably only two situations for you: it’s either you’re totally broke, having spent all your cash buying gifts for your loved ones; or you’re still loaded on cash, waiting for that perfect gift you can give your gaming self. If the second scenario’s your case, well good for you, since we bring some of the most wicked upgrades you can buy for your Xbox One and/or PlayStation 4 to treat yourself for being a good boy or girl all year.

For Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners alike, we have found two wicked add-ons that will amp your gaming experience.

First on our list is a great top-up (quite literally). Ever felt lost because you miscalculated the data allowance you would need for all your gaming? If yes, know that gaming technology company Nyko Technologies just released this year a solution to your Xbox One and PS4 problems. Those who don’t trust dodgy or complicated hacks to upgrade their Xbox One or PlayStation 4’s storage will be delighted that Nyko released a data bank that allows the user to add a 3.5″ external drive in addition to the Xbox One and PS4’s native 2.5″ pre-installed drives. This means you’ll be able to use a cheaper and faster 3.5″ external hard drive to upgrade your Xbox One and PS4’s memory if you plug it in via the Nyko data bank, and it also fits in seamlessly with the Xbox One and PS4, aesthetic wise, if you’re concerned about that.

Nyko data bank for PlayStation 4 (via Nyko) Nyko data bank for PlayStation 4 [via Nyko]The Nyko data bank product overview reads as follows.

“The Data Bank for the Xbox One™ allows the use of a 3.5” hard drive to be used as an external hard drive in addition to the stock 2.5” hard drive that comes pre-installed on the system. The unit also includes a front facing LED indicator which illustrates when the Xbox One™ is saving or accessing content on the hard drive. The Data Bank is powered by its own dedicated power cable in order to provide the juice necessary to power the 3.5″ hard drive.”

So if you’re interested, you can grab a Nyko data bank for your Xbox One and/or PS4 from the Nyko website for $39.99.

Another cool upgrade to your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One gaming experience are customized controllers from The Controller Shop. There are two reasons why you should definitely reward yourself with a nice beautiful controller from them.

Customized controller from The Controller Shop [Customized controller from The Controller Shop]One, it’s beautiful. Imagine, any design, any pattern, any print you can imagine being fitted to your Xbox One, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 4 controller. If you’re concerned that they will be using cheap tricks to give you a beautiful controller, The Controller Shop assures that all of the controllers they’re customizing are genuine Microsoft and Sony products. So they’re basically getting a genuine Xbox One or DualShock controller and making it beautiful.

Two, skin is not the only thing you can customize on your Xbox One or PS4 controller. If you’re on Xbox One and you weren’t able to get your hands on the Xbox One Elite controller or if you’re on the PlayStation 4 and just want those extra features, then The Controller Shop has a quick solution. They offer pedals and rear buttons, which can be assigned with regular face buttons.

Custom buttons plus pedals for your Xbox One or PS4 controller (via The Controller Shop) Custom buttons plus pedals for your Xbox One or PS4 controller [via The Controller Shop]The Controller Shop explains:

“For extreme control of your game, we now offer pedal switches, patent pending. Put your two feet to use while you maintain your comfortable grip on your controller and focus on your aim and precision. In addition to pedals we offer simple buttons for the rear of our custom controllers. These can be mapped to any four other buttons you want. We also offer a remappable option so you can change them anytime.”

Our last find works only fully on Xbox One if we’re talking latest-gen. It’s Console Tuner’s Titan One, a “crossover feature that allows you to use your favorite PlayStation, XBox, Wii U Controller or PC Keyboard & Mouse on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PlayStation TV, and PC. It also converts your controller into a fully modded controller without voiding your warranty or installing any chips or wires.”

Titan One by Console Tuner [Titan One by Console Tuner]Why it works only “fully” on Xbox One if we’re talking latest-gen, Console Tuner explains, it is because it frequently asks for authentication every 10 minutes on the PlayStation 4. But apart from that, you can virtually use any controller on any device or console with the use of the Titan One. You can even purchase an Xbox One Elite controller and use it to play on your PlayStation 4!

In addition to its many features, Titan One’s main selling points is that it has millions of mod combinations to add that extra edge on your game, compatible with Xbox One and PlayStation, among other platforms. Check it out from Console Tuner to buy it for $59.95.

Did you find a great holiday upgrade for yourself or your loved one’s Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

[Featured images from Nyko, The Controller Shop, and Console Tuner]