WWE News: Chyna Hospitalized, Billy Gunn Saves The Day

In WWE news, Chyna was sent to the hospital for an unknown ailment and canceled out on an event, so Billy Gunn was signed at the last minute, according to Wrestling Inc.

Maryland Championship Wrestling, one of the more known independent wrestling promotions in the United States, is doing an event tonight in Joppatowne called Season’s Beatings. Since it is one of their biggest events of the year, the promoter decided to shell out some money and bring in big name performers to draw in the audience, a typical tactic used.

One of the names that Maryland Championship Wrestling signed for the event was Chyna, as she still has a lot of name value from her days in WWE.

While checking on her itinerary, the Maryland Championship Wrestling promoter noticed that Chyna had canceled out on the airline flight that the promotion had purchased for her.

At the very last minute, Good Guy Entertainment informed Maryland Championship Wrestling that Chyna was no longer able to be at the show. She was said to be at the hospital. A representative from Good Guy Entertainment initially stated that Chyna might have had appendicitis, a claim that Maryland Championship Wrestling was openly skeptical about.

Billy Gunn Billy Gunn [Photo by WWE]Good Guy Entertainment also claimed that Chyna got all the way to the airport before the pain forced her to head towards the hospital. The claim is that she tried to make the show. While hoping that she would be healthy enough to still make the show, Maryland Championship Wrestling attempted to locate other flights so that Chyna can still make it on time.

Maryland Championship Wrestling did not hear back from Chyna or Good Guy Entertainment for the next 11 hours. The former WWE star was said to be active on Twitter at the time.

In the morning, Good Guy Entertainment tried to make things right by offering to have Chyna sign 100 items for free so that MCW can recoup the price of the plane tickets they bought.

Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, but Chyna receives a little bit less than other wrestlers because of all the mysterious things that she has done over the past couple of years.

Aside from a bizarre stint in the adult film industry, Chyna has also made various claims about Sean Waltman and Triple H being physically abusive to her during their relationships.

It comes as no surprise that people in the wrestling industry would question Chyna because she has not exactly seemed like a trustworthy person since her days in WWE.

Mickie James Mickie James [Photo by Impact Wrestling]Since the show has to go on, Maryland Championship Wrestling then focused on potential replacement that could drop everything and get to Maryland in time for Season’s Beatings.

Billy Gunn saved the day for Maryland Championship Wrestling by canceling plans with his family and finding a last-minute flight and rental car that would get him to Joppatowne.

Maryland Championship Wrestling was also fortunate enough that former WWE diva Mickie James and former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Brutus Magnus were available. Brutus Magnus is injured and on the sidelines for the next several months, so he will just be there to meet and greet with the fans. That should appease the people in attendance.

Another former WWE diva that will be in attendance at Season’s Beatings is Ashley Massaro, who has remained relatively quiet since leaving World Wrestling Entertainment.

Since TNA is not touring at the moment, Ethan Carter was able to sign on with Maryland Championship Wrestling. His contract enables him to work the independent wrestling scene.

Quick thinking by Maryland Championship Wrestling prevented Chyna’s absence from ruining the show.

[Featured Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]