American Troops Vow To Protect Muslim Girl From Donald Trump

Hundreds of American military service members have just vowed to protect an eight-year-old Muslim girl from Donald Trump and the Internet loves it.

They’ve filled Facebook with pictures of themselves in uniform captioned with the hashtag #IWillProtectYou and promises not to let her or any American live in fear of their government.

Eight-year-old Sofia was watching the news with her grandmother when she saw Donald Trump come on TV and demand a ban on Muslims entering America and deportations to remove refugees from within U.S. borders.

Sofia, whose family is Muslim, grabbed a bag and started filling it with all her favorite things so she would be ready when the bad men came to take her away.

The next day, her mother, Melissa Chance Yassini, took to Facebook to tell the world she had just spent an exhausting night comforting her daughter, reports Upworthy.

“Sad day in America when I have to comfort my 8 year old child who heard that someone with yellow hair named Trump wanted to kick all Muslims out of America. She checked the locks on the door 3-4 times. This is terrorism. No child in America deserves to feel that way.”

Colorado Army Veteran Kerri Peek saw the post and responded with a picture of herself in uniform and a promise to protect the little girl, because the U.S. Military was meant to protect all Americans no matter what their backgrounds are, reports WPIX-TV.

“Please show this picture of me to your daughter. Tell her I am a Mama too and as a soldier I will protect her from the bad guys.”

Peek told Upworthy, the little girl’s fear of Donald Trump reminded her of times when she had been discriminated against for being Hispanic.

“This rhetoric and fear, hate, and violence is not okay. It’s not the United States that I would fight for.”

She started the hashtag #IWillProtectYou asking veterans to send pictures of themselves in uniform and voice their support for Sofia, her family, and all American children who live in fear of Donald Trump’s extremist comments, reports the Huffington Post.

“Calling all vets. I’ve been reading reports of kids being harassed and accosted because of their faith. This is UNAMERICAN. Now is the time to act.”

Hundreds of American service members responded with pictures of themselves in uniform captioned with the hashtag #IWillProtectYou and vows to protect American Muslim children from hatred.


Melissa said she’s received thousands of messages from Americans of all faiths and walks of life: Christians, Jews, Muslims and atheists, who write her daughter to tell her not to be afraid simply because she’s Muslim. She says she reads new messages to her daughter every night so she’ll know that she, too, is part of America.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues his controversial calls to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, something the White House says disqualifies him from being president.


Recently, at least 20 British Muslim families were denied entry to the country with no reason being given from Homeland Security. One family lost £9,000 when the airline refused to refund their tickets after security officials denied their request to visit Disneyland at the last minute despite previously approved visas.

Trump is leading the pack of Republican presidential candidates with a double-digit lead over second place Sen. Ted Cruz.


Trump’s controversial statements seemingly designed for media sound bites have garnered him quite a bit of media attention, but they have also stirred up criticism from critics both home and abroad.

[Photo by Melissa Chance Yassini Community/Facebook]