Jessa Duggar Shares Adorable Christmas Photos Of Quincy, Talks Future With Anna Duggar In ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’ [Video]

Jessa Duggar shared more photos of baby Spurgeon, also known as Quincy, as she celebrated her first Christmas with the newborn! Of course, we love seeing all the photos of Quincy we can get, and in the adorable Instagram snaps, the sweet baby looks both happy and sleepy during his first holiday celebration.

In one adorable photo Jessa Duggar posted, the cherubic infant wears a red and white Santa hat as he sleeps. The hat is embroidered with an image of Santa and the words “Baby’s First Christmas.” In the caption, Jessa invites fans to look at more photos on the Seewald family website.


In another photo Jessa shared, a sweet Quincy looks wide awake and wears a green, white, and red sweater-knit onesie, with large red buttons and a t-shirt underneath. Jessa Duggar wished her 1.8 million followers a merry Christmas in the caption.

Knowing that her fans can’t get enough of baby Spurgeon, Jessa posted more photos showing some of the presents the baby received. In a third set of pics, Quincy can be seen smiling adorably and loving every minute of the holiday festivities while wearing a tiny grey sweater and jeans he received as a present. In the caption, Jessa reveals who give the baby the outfit. “Thanks for the Christmas outfit, Mimi!,” Duggar wrote.

The final episode of the three-part Jill & Jessa: Counting On series airs on Sunday, December 27, and viewers will get to watch Jessa giving birth to Quincy. According to the Jill & Jessa: Counting On fan page, the final episode tells the story of the scary home birth that ended in a hospital trip for Jessa as she bled too much after the baby was born.


Although TLC promised the three-part series would tell the story of Jill Dillard as she and her family settle in Central America to perform missionary work, as well as the story of Jessa adapting to being a new mother, most of the series has actually focused on the Josh Duggar scandals. In both of the Jill & Jessa: Counting On episodes that have aired, Anna Duggar has been a central character as she tearfully recounts how she has dealt with life since finding out her husband, Josh, had been cheating on her.

The third installment promises much of the same, according to a clip released by TLC. In the preview, Jessa Duggar asks her sister-in-law how she is coping with all the drama. Anna tells Jessa that she “feel[s] like I have been in labor for days,” and is pushing through the pain of her situation like labor – one step at at time.

In her comparison to being in labor, Anna Duggar tells Jessa that when “you’re in labor, you just make it through the next contraction and go on,” explaining that “there’s been a lot of that lately, of just taking the next step and going on,” reports the Daily Mail.


Anna made it clear in the second episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On that she has no plans to divorce Josh, and even reportedly visited him in rehab with her daughter Meredith Grace right before Christmas. In the third episode, an exhausted Duggar reportedly tells Jessa that “it has been hard but I think it’s been a good opportunity to draw close to God and just trusting God for his wisdom to take the next step.”

Waxing philosophical about the troubles in her life, Anna confides to Jessa that they just have to “see what God has in store for the future.”

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