Louis Tomlinson’s Year Summarized In Two Words

You may think the One Direction star’s fraught year, in which he broke up with his long-term girlfriend, hooked up with a string of hot girls, toured the world, got someone pregnant, lost a bandmate and penned a beautiful breakup sex ballad, could not be summarized in just two words, or that if it could they would have to be negative ones — “very fraught” or maybe “absolute rollercoaster” or “endlessly surprising.” Perhaps a two-and-a-half word mashup like “up’n’down,” which captures the attitude of sometimes-happy and occasionally-stroppy Louis, would do the trick better.

One Buzzfeed writer has chosen to rise above the negativity, declaring that 2015 was the year when Louis Tomlinson was “too cute.” Check out the GIF evidence, in which you can see highlights from Tomlinson’s year of charm and delight, such as his OTRA concert eyebrow raises, his impersonation of a cat on The Late Late Show, the group hug he pulled his bandmates into after they performed “History” on the X Factor, and an eerie GIF in which you can almost hear Louis Tomlinson’s British accent as he mouths one of his catchphrases (not “you little s***” but another Tomlinson favorite “hello love”).

In other One Direction news, the guys took over BBC Radio One on Christmas day, revealing some interesting info about their musical influences, Christmas day habits, favorite acts etc.

Harry Styles reveals that he is a hopeless romantic when he declares “Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac, which is the sort of elegant, romantic ballad often played at first dances at weddings and the like, as his favorite song from his favorite album. Liam Payne lets slip that he is a freak of nature, admitting that his voice never actually broke, in fact it got higher at puberty!

Louis Tomlinson tells us that Green Day is his favorite band and reflects with the interviewer on the way that songs can transport you back in time. Niall Horan praises Adele’s “Hello” as his favorite track of 2015, noting that the soaring ballad doesn’t even need time to “grow on you,” it just hits you in the face.

The guys from One Direction will be taking an 18-month hiatus beginning next year. It follows five years of near-constant touring and yearly album releases by the five X Factor alumni, who placed third in the competition but went on to achieve international success with the support of Simon Cowell.


Louis Tomlinson recently took time out to travel to Chicago, where he made headlines when he was photographed with attractive actress Danielle Campbell holding hands and looking cozy in a variety of couple-like situations. Harry Styles is reportedly single, but may be interested in German model Anna Ewers, who was Model.com’s Model Of The Year. Niall Horan has been linked to Selena Gomez, and Liam Payne has just broken up with long term love Sophia Smith.