WWE Rumors: Bill Goldberg Reportedly In Talks To Return For ‘Wrestlemania 32’ Match Against Brock Lesnar

The WWE rumors regarding Wrestlemania 32 are heating up, with reports that Bill Goldberg could return for a match with Brock Lesnar that the organization is hoping will put the event over the top.

Though the WWE’s marquee event is still months away, there are already reports of behind the scenes action as Goldberg has reportedly been working with company leaders on a comeback. These talks are still in the earlier stages, Wrestling News World reported, and could ultimately come down to whether the money is enough to bring Goldberg back into the ring.

The two have met at Wrestlemania before, fighting 12 years ago in a match at Wrestlemania 20 that was widely panned. Though the WWE put a lot of effort into pushing the Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg match back in 2004, it ended up with a strange five-minute staredown that had fans chanting “Boooring,” Canoe noted.

The match came under some strange circumstances. There were widespread rumors that Lesnar was leaving the WWE after the match, and fans took to jeering him with chants of, “You sold out!”

The two then locked up in a test of strength and traded shoulder blocks repeatedly, and then the match mercifully came to and end when guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin gave them both stunners.

But as Wrestling News World noted, the WWE rumor of a rematch could offer them both a chance at redemption.

“It’s no secret that neither Brock or Goldberg wanted to be in the match or even at the event, as both wanted to leave WWE at that point. Because of those circumstances I believe that we could have potentially seen a better match between these two. Therefore I feel a match at Wrestlemania 32 given both now have interest in being there could be a better watch to erase the memory of that last atrocity of a match.”

There could be a financial incentive to the WWE rumors. As ewrestlingnews.com noted, there are some insiders who believe an appearance by Bill Goldberg could put Wrestlemania 32 over the top, making it the highest grossing WWE event of all time. There may also be a push from Vince McMahon, who is looking to maximize the event’s revenue.

There are some hints from Goldberg about a possible return. One of his business managers, Louis “Uncle Louie” Gregory, said there could be a return for Wrestlemania but said the ball will be in the WWE’s court. He wrote about it, via ewrestlingnews.com.

“I remain optimistic that the time will come for big Bill’s return to the ring but I am realistic in my acceptance that it will be when the time is right and when the planets align. I have to believe the planets are as close to aligning as they ever have been. But will they click into place?”

If the WWE does bring Bill Goldberg back for Wrestlemania 32, the move would certainly have precedence. The organization has a knack for bringing popular figures back into the ring, including Sting, who returned to compete at the pay-per-view special Night of Champions. That move ended up backfiring, as the wrestling legend suffered what is believed to be a career-ending neck injury during the match.

If the latest WWE rumors are true, it could also be Vince McMahon playing a bit of defense. There were reports that TNA was interested in Bill Goldberg, and the WWE may be swooping in with the Wrestlemania 32 plans as a way to keep one of their biggest names out of the rival’s hands.

[Picture by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]