Nick Offerman Yule Log: Ron Swanson Drinks Whiskey Speechless For 45 Minutes

Actor Nick Offerman has put a brand new spin on the yule log video concept.

Instead of focusing on something burning (like a fire in a fireplace), the 22 Jump Street actor added himself and a bottle of whiskey into the picture.

For nearly 45 minutes, viewers have the pleasure of watching the man known for playing Ron Swanson on the hit NBC series Parks and Recreation drink whiskey.

According to the YouTube video description, the 45-year-old actor is actually drinking Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whiskey in the video.

Does Nick Offerman use this yule log experience to share any words of wisdom during the 45-minutes video? Apparently not! Instead of using his unique sense of humor and emotionless punchline delivery, Offerman simply stared at the camera absolutely speechless. Even though it may seem as if he is going to break the silence with at least one word or a short phrase, he does not utter a single word the entire time.

Thanks to the success of Parks and Recreation, many people relate Offerman to his character on the show — an emotionless man with a strong love for bacon and meats along with a surreal hatred for foolishness, excuses, and government work. After seven seasons and over 120 episodes, the series ended back in February.

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During a May interview with NPR, Offerman had the chance to talk about life after Ron Swanson, including how the way the show ended helped him to move on from that character.

“I thought I’d be grieving more than I am… Mike Schur and Amy Poehler and our other producers chose to end the show with so much integrity… It was so nice. I cried my eyes out… It made me as grateful for the ending of the show as I was for the beginning of the show, and then the entire meal.”

Offerman further explained that the chance to finally separate himself from the Ron Swanson persona was actually liberating in itself.

“As a character actor…being accused by the audience of being this guy with a mustache who is just like Ron Swanson, there’s an element of being liberated as well. And I’m having a really good time, which makes me feel really lucky. If I was sitting at home and nobody would give me a job, I’d probably feel differently and say, ‘Hey, how ’bout a Parks & Rec movie, guys? A reunion tour.'”

Since Parks and Recreation officially closed its doors, Offerman has taken several steps toward moving away from his Ron Swanson days.

For instance, Offerman turned heads and surprised a lot of people with his performance on the hit FX series Fargo.

Nick Offerman
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Offerman played Karl Weathers for five episodes and was even nominated for a Critics’ Choice Television Award for his performance. In addition to his acting career, the husband of actress Megan Mullally is also a published author. His first book, Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man’s Fundamentals for Delicious Living, was released back in 2013.

Earlier this year, Nick released his second book Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom with America’s Gutsiest Troublemakers.

Even though Ron Swanson was known for being a man of few words, Nick Offerman’s writing shows that his vocabulary is extensive and even impressive in quality.

Watching this yule log video, though, one would never know that about Nick. He doesn’t even offer a shameless plug for his two books by having them sitting next to his bottle of whiskey. He is not wearing a T-shirt or holding up a poster to promote an upcoming film project. He is not even sporting the iconic Ron Swanson mustache that he wore with pride for seven seasons on Parks and Recreation.

In this viral video, which has been viewed over 2.5 million times since it was first uploaded, Nick Offerman is simply showing that he enjoys a tasty glass of whiskey while sitting by the fireplace in silence.

[Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]