‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: New Teasers For The Trip To The Underworld

Once Upon a Time fans have a few months to wait for the return of the series. However, there are new spoilers out for Christmas that may help make the wait a bit easier to handle.

Entertainment Weekly shared a round of quick fire questions with the men in charge of the series, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, on Christmas Eve. The questions focused completely on the trip to the Underworld that Emma and her family will make.

They are traveling to the Underworld in hopes of saving Hook, and both men teased that saving Hook might not be possible. In fact, something worse could happen to him during their time there. What is worse than death? Fans will need to watch to find out.

Emma, Regina, and everyone else will definitely come across some familiar faces. It has already been teased that Cora is back, and she is playing a huge role in the second half of the season. She will show Regina and the others how things work in the Underworld.

The man actually in charge of the Underworld has also been cast. Hades is being played by Greg Germann. Fans of Ally McBeal will recognize him. Another Entertainment Weekly report shared Adam Horowitz’s comments about the role.

“We’re going to be meeting the Once Upon a Time version of Hades in the second half of the season. While he is both inspired by a myth and by the Disney movie version, as we like to do, we’re trying to create our own Once Upon a Time spin. We can’t wait for everyone to see what [Germann] does with the character.”

However, Horowitz and Kitsis teased that fans will not only see villains in the Underworld. The group will come across many people. James’ twin brother is among them. Could fans see others during their trip? Horowitz and Kitsis made it sound like anything is possible during the second half of the season.

There is something else that they made clear though. The men revealed that the whole second half of Once Upon a Time Season 5 will not take place in hell. They did not reveal the other location though. Will fans see the heroes return to Storybrooke to face another foe during the second half of Season 5.

Zelena is not going anywhere on the series. She is back in Oz, but that may change too. She will face the older and wiser Dorothy Gale in Oz, but it is likely she will meet up with Regina and the others again. She has become a fan favorite on the series.

Horowitz and Kitsis also teased a bit more about Rumpelstiltskin. He is headed to the Underworld too, but he is also the Dark One again. Gold’s character is always evolving, and that has not changed because of him now being a hero.

Horowitz teased a bit more about the character.

“Yeah, Rumple is an evolving character, so yes, he’s going to be continuing to grow and change based on all the experiences we’ve seen him go through over the course of the show.”

As for Belle, Emilie de Ravin is pregnant, but that does not mean fans will not see in the second half of the season. The creators played coy when asked if her pregnancy was written in for the character, but it was made clear that fans would see more of Belle during Once Upon a Time Season 5.

If the character is also pregnant, it will create some interesting questions. What would a baby created from the Dark One be like? Fans could find out this season, but viewers will need to tune in to find out if Belle is pregnant when the show returns in March.

There is already one baby on the show with Robin’s new arrival. Fans will learn that child’s name when the series return, but that reveal will not happen during the Once Upon a Time Season 5B premiere. Fans will see Hades immediately though when the series returns.

Are you excited to see what happens next on Once Upon a Time?

[Photo via ABC]