Tom Hardy Responds To Film Critic After Being Called A ‘Delicate F—ing Flower’

Tom Hardy has just proven that not all Hollywood stars take laissez-faire attitude toward what might be said about them in papers and online. While some actors, like Anthony Hopkins, who has said it’s none of his business what others might say of him, don’t concern themselves with the opinions of others, Hardy very obviously pays close attention when his name is dropped. Just ask film critic Drew McWeeny.

An off-the-cuff remark from Drew McWeeny earns a scornful response from Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy, Drew McWeeny
Tom Hardy responds to Drew McWeeny. Image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images.

It all started simply enough. Tom Hardy, who co-stars alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, was scheduled for a brief five or ten minute interview with film critic Drew McWeeny, but the actor reportedly left Drew waiting for four hours. Eventually, the time slot was canceled with Hardy failing to report in at all.

Understandably, Drew was angry. Instead of reaching out to Tom’s publicist or contacting his own manager, McWeeny took this injustice to his Twitter followers.


The film critic didn’t leave it there, but continued to rant over Tom’s no-show. He tweeted that it was “unspeakably s—-y” for Hardy to leave him hanging one week before Christmas. While Drew certainly has a point, this was only the beginning of McWeeny’s rant. He goes on a tirade, citing all of the times he was either stood up by Mr. Hardy or left feeling slighted by the Bronson actor’s behavior. The film critic even mentioned that he had sympathized with Hardy’s frustration with interviews at one time, but that was long ago. Now, Drew McWeeny clearly only feels his own frustration at the mention of Tom Hardy’s name.

The Revenant‘s Tom Hardy responds in kind to Drew McWeeny

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy at the premiere of 'The Revenant.' Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.

As it turns out, Tom Hardy decided to spend the day reading his would-be interviewer’s tweets, after having been a no-show for the interview that prompted McWeeny’s tirade. Apparently, Drew had reconsidered his many tweets regarding the issue and had sent an email off to Hardy, offering to retract his statements, because Tom mentions this at the start of his open letter to the film critic.

Hardy begins by offering an apology of his own, explaining that he had been scheduled for interviews throughout the day and that he was unaware that anyone was left waiting for more of his time. As Tom delves deeper into his explanation, he refers to the fact that McWeeny had left an associate to wait for Fox to come through with Mr. Hardy for the interview and that, in so doing, Fox concluded that Drew had forfeited his opportunity for the interview.

As Tom moves further into his letter, he clearly wants McWeeny to know that, regardless of how he may have felt at the time, a line had definitely been crossed.

“Resisting the urge to dare you to say what you ‘rant tweeted’ so publicly, to my face next time we meet, which I doubt you have the balls to do; I want to apologise regardless on behalf of those that misled the both of us. That isn’t cool. At all. Neither were your tweets. But that’s by the by.”

Proving himself a fair man, capable of understanding the emotions involved in such a mix-up, Hardy added in a new paragraph that he acknowledged and accepted the email apologies received from the film critic, offering to post them publicly in return. Tom also reminded anyone reading his open letter, including Drew McWeeny, that the fault was with those arranging the interviews and not with himself.

Closing off the letter, Tom Hardy took one last, well-earned jab at Drew.

“Best regards and thanks for calling me an a–hole a lot.”

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