Mariah Carey Between Ex And New BF This Christmas

Mariah Carey is back in Aspen this holiday season, and it seems she isn’t spending this Christmas as a single parent of her two kids, Morocco and Monroe.

Mariah Carey looks like she’s having fun this Christmas, as we find her posting photos of herself in festive clothing on her festive getaways this winter holiday on Instagram. One of our personal favorites is Mariah Carey’s photo beside a Christmas tree, donning a quirky Hello Kitty onesie.

Mariah Carey donning her hello kitty onesie
Mariah Carey donning her hello kitty onesie

The posts made by Mariah Carey that have been causing quite a buzz online are her posts with her new billionaire boyfriend, James Packer. Australian businessman James Packer is Mariah Carey’s new love this Christmas, after the recent breakup with ex-husband Nick Cannon. It looks like Mariah and James are having the time of their lives via Mariah’s posts on Instagram featuring the couple on a winter date. Donning a fashionable pair of snow white boots and warm winter clothing, Mariah poses beside James in his own snow-ready outfit.

Mariah and James

While it seems Mariah and James are enjoying their time alone as girlfriend and boyfriend, fans are left wondering where Mariah’s twins are. It seems Morocco and Monroe are off spending the snowy holidays with their father, Nick Cannon, while mommy is busy with her new boyfriend. Nick Cannon posts photos of himself with the kids at a skating rink.

Nick Cannon skating
Ice Skating with my princess! #holidayfestivities (via Nick Cannon's Instagram)

If you’re thinking Mariah is off with James without her kids for this Christmas, you’d be wrong. In fact, Nick Cannon posts a photo of Mariah, himself, and their kids on Instagram in time for Christmas. It shows that Nick and Mariah are still spending their Christmas with each other, clearly for the sake of the kids.

Mariah, Nick, and their twins
It's Christmas time! #FestiveFamilyMoments (via Nick Cannon's Instagram)

After Nick filed for a divorce with Mariah in December of last year, it has been a bumpy ride for the couple and their twins. There were rumors about what triggered the divorce; but, ultimately, it was something that both parties agreed upon. Reportedly, Nick had been working too much, and it was too much for Mariah to handle at a point when she wanted them to spend more time with their kids. However, when Nick filed the divorce last year, it was after months of rumors, controversies and living apart that ended with a bang. Despite the initial drama, it seems to have been great for the former couple ever since.

Their six year relationship has not only given birth to memories, but to two angels, as well. That may be the reason it was seemingly hard for Mariah and Nick to initially publicize their split. By comparison, even though last Christmas seemed to be heartbreaking for Mariah and Nick, this Christmas seems to be quite a bit better as the former couple enjoys quality time with each other and their daughters.

Mariah has been very open about her relationship with James as early as summer this year. In fact, Daily Mail reported back in September that Mariah and James are already talking about getting married and having children of their own. James has been very vocal about wanting to marry Mariah and Mariah is already looking forward to having kids with him. Mariah and Nick got married secretly in the Bahamas. Theoretically, if Mariah and James are open about getting married at this point in the relationship, it’s not impossible that we’ll be hearing about wedding bells ringing for the couple in the near future.

What does this mean for Mariah’s twins, Morocco and Monroe? The future is not clear, but this Christmas, it seems Mariah and her family are having the time of their lives.

[Photos by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images and Ethan Miller/Getty Images]