‘Damien’ Debuts New Teaser: What’s Next For ‘The Omen’ Series?

Damien has debuted a new teaser trailer, and it’s suitably creepy for a series based off the Antichrist horror franchise.

Fans of the original will immediately recognize the, “It’s all for you Damien” line, and the disturbing image that permeates the short footage will recall one of the 1976 original’s most horrific moments.

This newest teaser, while exciting, is not quite as exciting as the Comic-Con trailer that fans got to see last year.

Either way, though, it appears to be another hit in the making for the network behind another horror reboot, Psycho (d/b/a Bates Motel).

Just to get you in the mood for a little 666 action, here are both trailers for your viewing pleasure. Afterward, stick around for a quick look at other horror movies that are ripe for the television series treatment.

And Comic-Con:

Now with Damien on the way, it only stands to reason that A&E or Netflix or AMC should look at some other horror films with series potential. To assist, here are three picks that any producer worth his salt should be looking at right now.


Director Dario Argento was at his most visionary with Suspiria, a tale about a young ballet dancer who enrolls in a prestigious German ballet school only to find that it is a front for a witches coven. The film was colorful, creepy, and full of the graphic violence that fans demand with their horror. As a series, much of this could continue, but there would need to be deeper characterization.

The good news is that, unlike most Argento films, this one lays the groundwork for that very thing. It would be easy to deepen some of the characters that you meet at the ballet school, and the roles available would present great opportunities for talented young actresses looking to add some brow-raising credits to their resumes.


To translate a film from the big screen to the small one, there needs to be enough meat for creators to chew on to the point that they can expand those 90 minutes into an ongoing series with 45-minute episodes. Phantasm is the rare horror film that delivers.

Series creator Don Coscarelli has already managed to release four of these films with a fifth on the way. His world is imaginative, his characters compelling, his villains deeply disturbing (with The Tall Man and the Ball, how could one resist?).

Fright Night

Fright Night is a film series that has somehow managed to survive based solely on the success of its original. Nothing made after it in the franchise has come close to comparing. There was the ill-fated Fright Night 2; the Fright Night 3 that might have been had the Menendez Brothers not gunned down their father; the so-so remake with a completely miscast David Tennant in the Peter Vincent role; and finally an unexplained direct-to-VOD remakequel to the remake.

It’s about time some talented show runners got together and did this justice. Staying true to the spirit of the original would bring back the teen demographic. Air it on a horror- and teen-friendly network like MTV, and you’re set.

The Conjuring

Rather than continue doing theatrical sequels, creator James Wan would be best served bringing this to television and telling stories that sign off at just the right moment. The major problem with The Conjuring was not that it was a bad film. There were several creepy moments throughout. It’s that as the film wore on, the creep factor started to fade.

With the television show, you could focus on a new fright every week and really give viewers something to look forward to.

What about you, readers? Any horror movies you’d like to see as TV shows? And are you looking forward to Damien?

[Image via Damien teaser, linked above]