Janet Jackson Tour Postponement Leads To Crude Speculation

Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable tour has been indefinitely postponed. Billboard broke the news.

“Janet Jackson took to Twitter on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24) to share some sad news with her fans: She needs to postpone her Unbreakable World Tour until the spring to undergo surgery. The tour began in August and was set to go until June next year. She didn’t specify what she needs surgery for and said there will be no further comment on the matter.”

Janet Jackson Unbreakable Janet has postponed another world tour. [Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images]There are some who say that Janet Jackson has come down with a severe case of low ticket sales. They point out that many attendance dates on her world tour have not been reported. The comments after the article on Billboard are pretty nasty.

“New tits and butt implants,” said James Hall.

“Poor Janet needs an emergency flopectemy ASAP,” wrote WhiskeyD*ck.

Some of the comments on Twitter are just as bad.


Janet Jackson has been known to come down with mysterious illnesses in the past after poor ticket sales. In 2008, Rolling Stone reported on Janet’s Rock Witchu Tour.

“Janet Jackson’s ill-fated Rock Witchu tour has come to a sudden end as Jackson has opted to cancel instead of reschedule all those concerts that were postponed due to her bout with vertigo. Conflicts in the singer’s schedule’ has been cited as the cause of the cancellations, but poor ticket sales are the more likely culprit.”

It’s easy to point fingers at Janet Jackson, especially since many of the attendance numbers haven’t been reported. The fact that she made the announcement on Christmas eve also leads to speculation about the timing of the announcement. However, the speculation can also be seen as crude and unnecessary, especially given that Janet Jackson’s tour has received excellent reviews.

Billboard said that Janet Jackson didn’t miss a beat when she performed in Los Angeles.

“Tonight’s climactic performance of ‘Rhythm Nation’ is as emotionally rousing as it is entertaining during a time when a song might not be able to heal a fragmented society, but could temporarily inspire…It marks an evening of achievement and a consistency that comes with knowing yourself during times of greatness and, more importantly, weakness. Janet’s bold identity carries through her entire back catalog.”

Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune also said that Janet Jackson’s show was a blast.

“She’s not as explosive a dancer as her late brother Michael, but she moved with a style that bordered on serene. Tiny gestures were magnified by big video screens that focused in on physical details – a curl of the wrist, a snap of the fingers,” Mr. Kot pointed out, while also noting that Janet sang well, even if she used backup vocals for more of the strenuous numbers.

Janet Jackson was put on vocal rest earlier in the tour, but all dates were postponed rather than cancelled. However, there still really isn’t enough solid proof that her postponed tour will eventually be cancelled. You can bet that Billboard, a magazine which many jokingly accuse of being on Janet’s payroll, will soon have an article condemning the accusations that the tour has been postponed because of bad ticket sales. However, this time, they may be right.

Let’s hope that Janet Jackson really is unbreakable.

[Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images]